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just having a chat with Blackraven on TS about the use of bulletsponginess to increase difficulty in games and how it’s lazy programming compared with developing any system that allows AI to adapt to how a player plays, or increase abilities other than health armour and damage output to scale difficulty, and it reminded me of this old shooter. it’s a one man project freeware game, a relatively unremarkable 2d shooter built around a single feature; it’s only boss fights, and the boss adapts to the player based on what weapons work effectively and how the player destroyed the boss. I feel like it encompasses the argument against bulletsponginess quite nicely.

The guys homepage appears to be down, so here’s the wikipedia page for it and the download link if anyone wants to give it a try.

Anyone ever played it, have any thoughts? Anyone know of any similar games with similar approaches (doing one thing well/differently to the industry standard)


I remember playing that game in college, I remember playing it quite a bit.
My fondest memory of AI in games is probably F.E.A.R and crysis too. With FEAR I can’t really think of another game that has come too close. Part of this is me remembering things better than what they actually were but the AI in that game felt like they were thinking tactically and responding to your actions.

Ok i had started to write a bit more and then realized it has already been said far more elegantly.

and a little in depth analysis (it is not a little in depth, it’s a college lecture on AI)

p.s in the video enjoy the COD burn at 14:20 but seriously at 66:40 he is discussing one of my favourite things about the AI system, the use of verbal “commands” which make it sound like the enemy is trying to adapt in fighting you


F.E.A.R was such a good game back in le day! Loved it!

That game did jump scares better than anything else at the time.

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I remember this from a game design thing I did in college.

Its quite a good little thing, very well done. As for bullet sponginess though…that’s still used to up the difficulty as the bosses become more elaborate.

The double ladder scare is the best I’ve ever seen.

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I’m pretty sure I played that game back in the day, but its been quite a while since then.