Wartile... war, but on tiles

WARTILE! Very unlike WARFACE, where faces are made of war.

This is TILES, that are home to small wars. Well, skirmishes really. Maybe there is war later on, but so far it’s just small skirmishes.

Anyhow, this is a hex-tile based REAL-TIME strategy game, that plays akin to a tabletop.

I stress the real-time aspect of this as the game doesn’t pause after movements and actions (though you can slow down time). I moved a fighter earlier to a position and then went off to stare at the pretty map like a gobshite while my guy was being mauled. Oops.

So, you have a warband (up to 5 models) and you go around set “maps” completing objectives. There are primary and secondary objects. Primaries are the more obvious ones like “Kill the ugly fucker with the skull mask” whereas secondaries could be something like “use the bear trap to snare an enemy”.

As your models fight, they gain experience and level up a bit, earning better hitpoints, skill, defence, etc.

There are treasure chests around the map as well that you can unlock by just having a model next to it.

Things like having the high ground (damage and defence bonus), ranged attacks (spear is 2 tiles, swords/axes are 1), closing off or blocking routes to allow only set numbers fight at a time instead of an all-out brawl. The mechanics work well.

So far, only played 2 missions. One played through 3 times on each difficulty, the other on easy and medium.

Here’s some screenies:

The campaign map. It like how it’s laid out like a gaming table (stands for customisation etc).

Wait a second… I forgot the bear trap secondary objective. Click on wait, lay a trap, completed.

Don’t have much in the armoury yet, just basic shit like clubs and worn axes. This is a 3rd fighter that you earn after the first mission.

Aww yeah, 20 kills!

Fuck it, went back on medium… constant respawns. 36 kills!

You get action cards as you play along. These can heal characters, place traps, stun enemies, place a bonus for fighters, etc. Some of them are free to activate, others require renown. You can earn renown during a mission, but you start a mission with 13.

Medium playthrough on mission 2, I ended up using up about 35 renown on stuns and heals because I got mobbed.

So far, this is pretty slick and the presentation is awesome.


Archers are bastards! Range… bottlenecks, almost unavoidable damage.

Thankfully, units which have shields will use them to defend against arrow attacks. Played the 2nd map where you have to fight uphill a lot, so ended up summoning undead (which attack anyone) to distract spearmen and threw poison vials at archers and just let them cough themselves to death in their towers.

Fuckin’ campers…



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So this has left “Early Access” as of yesterday and gone full release, which updates a bunch of the campaign and SP stuff, but also implements Multiplayer! Huzzah!

I’ll have a look at the MP side of things at some point over the weekend.

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