Watch Dogs Legion

Thought it had it’s own thread, here’s the latest vid.

I really can’t wait to play this

Updated Spec Requirements

So I hit the spec for 1080P Low… with my 4K monitor.

Okie Dokey.

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I can probably just about squeak into 1440p High, provided it’s GPU biased (given the silly bump from an i7 4790 -> i7 9700 being a tad suspect).

I can’t run this on my PC my piddly little i3 is to slow XD looks like i’l pick it up on a sale for PS5

Always getting this on the ps4 for 4k on my big TV. Be like this for all these type of games. (Assassin Creed/cyber punk)

same, I shall be getting for the ol ps4 :slight_smile:

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Very close to getting this today but at 57 quid its a bit steep. Even trading in 3 games doesn’t bring it down much

Mate I keep telling you, Boomerang Rentals! They’ve even started adding PS5 titles.

Dont really want another monthly fee. Plus time at the tv is limited so might take me months to finish a game

Ah fair do’s ! Give it a month and likely be quite a bit cheaper.

Traded in 3 games for it (god of war, star wars and rdr2) and got it for under 40 quid. Plan is to play it and then trade it in for assassin creed

Blimey how little did you get for them. But cool that you got it :slight_smile:

I know mate, trade in price is a joke. Rdr2 is e0 quid to buy 2nd hand, I basically got 6quid for it. They are more than doubling profit on it

ouch, Im playing it on PS4 at the mo :slight_smile:

I’ve got a code due to buying PS5 at Game to save a massive amount on this… So gonna nab it… Which means the PC Code that I might get with my 3080 whenever that arrives will be up for grabs for anyone that wants it… Will post again if I ever get the code!

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