I wanted to dabble my feet in webdesign for a long time but didn’t had any project worth investing time in. Now I had the idea to redesign my archeries club website because it looks like it was made in the 90’s, my other idea is making a light weight website for my photography and leather products.

I’m surely no novice when it comes to programming, photoshop or Illustrator, however when it comes to making a website I’m completely out of the loop.

Can anyone give me a few hints where to start? I want it to look clean and kinda minimalistic, right now its a bit of a clustered mess. A database backend of sorts would be nice so updating the news section is easier as well as uploading new photos. I looked around a bit and as I could use my Synology NAS as a lightweight server maybe I could use Joomla ?

what I/we probably need:

  • newsticker
  • introduction, how the facilities look like, what they offer (classes,…),
  • some sort of club history
  • gallery ?
  • memberlist database integration?
  • maybe social stuff integration, probably instagram
  • if its for me a photo/product gallery and some sort of order function would be ideal

Any advice & links for ressources is welcome

Having made website for nearly 20 years, back when it was done with clever nested tables, through to div layouts and now grid and all the other new stuff… my best advise:

Get Wordpress.

I say that both flippantly and seriously. Wordpress with something like Elementor attached is ridiculously powerful… and I hate Wordpress. But, that doesn’t make it all bad - especially with Elementor.

Elementor: #1 Free WordPress Website Builder | Elementor.com

Now, the website will have you believe it’s sooooo easy. But from my experience, you still need to know the fundamentals of CSS as a minimum (Classes, Properties etc)

If you want to go down a more developer type route to make something custom, then I highly recommend Laravel - super quick to pick up, brings a huge range of modern programming tools to PHP as well as frameworks for handling databases (in a super cool way), login, security and tokens… loads of stuff. Really good.

Laravel sorts your backend. For your frontend, then the latest version of Bootstrap is still pretty awesome.

If you don’t want to go down the PHP route, and have any .net or C# knowledge, then there is Blazor which is seriously cool in the examples I’ve seen and extremely powerful… but Microsoft stuff isn’t my thing. @n0tch is your man there…