Welcome to Just Cause 4


I fecking love just cause! And this just looks better than 3!

So much win


I bought JC3… Struggles to run well on the 970… so I never put any proper play time into it. Now there’s this fucker… :confused:

JC3 is currently going super cheap on Humble for anyone interested though.

How does the panoramic trailer look on your silly-wide monitor @NaloaC?

I’m really surprised they’ve released another one so soon after the last one was seemingly a bit of a flop.

Is this a drastic departure from 3?

3 was great! I loved it. Can’t wait to play this just too many other games to finish/play 1st

Oh dear lord this is worth a read…

I’ll stick with JC3 :joy:

£12.24 for this on steam this weekend