Well Hello ZiiP

Hey guys, just a quick hello, use to PC game back in the day with a few of you guys (Jester, Bonkers, Catterick, Matrix), remember some great sessions on Battlefield 2 (classic game), and just got back into PC gaming, still a bullet magnet, but just thought i would drop a hi, and good to see the ZiiP community still going strong.


Hello matey! How you doing? What you been up to and what you playing these days? :slight_smile:

yh not bad Jester, went to the dark side of Console gaming (PS3/PS4), but missed the PC side, still dabble with PS4 with my boys but just started back with a few games, Division, PUBG, even Fortnite, CS:Go and even started WoW plus a few others, but trying to get back full time with PC gaming…feels so good to get back to Keyboard and mouse tho :slight_smile:

hows you bud?

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Welcome back!

Have some more characters for your return!

Thanks Hammy :+1:

what you guys playing these days?

Its a mixture between PUBG, Arma 3 in different forums, the Division, and a few seem to be getting in to Eve Online (looking at you @NaloaC @spoonlamp). I’m going to pick up R6S again when the new co-op dlc comes out

ah @naloac is another one i recognise :+1:

Yh played Division alot on PS4, and really need to play it more on PC, still not Rank 30 :blush: and did pick up R6S but not playing that much.

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Someone remembers me! :smiley:

Welcome back fella, nice to see the older heads coming back once more into the fray!

Did you send me an invite to CS:GO the other evening on Steam?

cheers @NaloaC, not been on CS:Go for a while, but new steam account now Noz_UK was Noz on the old one but could not remember the details, then eventually remember the the details… i blame old age there :blush:

No worries fella, I haven’t played CS since V1.0 came out. I was a Beta 1.4 player years ago but it completely fell by the way-side for me once I joined ZiiP all those moons ago! :smiley:

Now then. Get the beers in, kplzthx :smiley:

Welcome along there old ZiiP goer :slight_smile:
See…they all keep coming back

Elloo welcome back

Words wordings worldly wibbles

Welcome back.

If you want to get your character in the Division ranked up to 30, just join on us for a game, we can easily get a squad of 4 together, we can join you and motor through your tasks.

We took @Reno from level 19 to gear score 278 in a few days.

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19 hours total time, 4 hours games time :wink:

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Reminds me of a song about checking out but never leaving, cant think what though :wink:


Welcome back Noz.

I’m a long term WoW player and also dip into Fortnite every now and again (PVE version).

You have to get the drinks in… I’ll have a diet coke, no ice cheers and thank you

Thanks guys, drinks on me, JD’s and Cokes all round :wink:

@MicJules Will take you up your offer at some point, quite busy with work etc atm, but as soon as i get my gaming time back, i’ll see if anyone is around for a bit division, but will need a few practice hours.

@n0tch I did grind the PvE on PS4 alot, but its seems BR mode is grabbing everyones attention, so again trying to play more on PC, so will drop a message for anyone who is about for PvE.


No problem Noz, work is hectic here too. But I will find time for some Division :slight_smile:

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