Well this is nice

Whilst Jester sorts out all the groups and categories… feel free to say hello and try out some of the new features…



Yes, it is rather… lots of new things to learn

img tags didn’t work though.


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Yeah they do :slight_smile:

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@n0tch oh look you can tag people…


Why didn’t my img tags work? :frowning:

Because it sets new members at level 0 and until you post a bit, you can’t post images… I’ll change that. Once we hit 50 odd threads, it goes out of bootstrap mode.

@Jester @n0tch hello



@n0tch @Jester Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?

Have you ever been on a ZiiP thread before?

I feel improved @Hammy.

also, discobot? 1b now a bot? should i worry about the end of the world and skynet?

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I was wondering if Disco got a new job instead of just complaining about Welsh people…

:vulcan_salute: :metal: :call_me_hand:

I am disappoint. There is no ‘two in the pink, one in the stink’ emoji.

I’m with @n0tch: Scrap it.

:point_right: :point_right: :dizzy: :fu: :poop:

Good enough @vredesbyrd?


hahahaha that’s some creativity right there.

Colour me impressed. Sorry @n0tch, I’m voting keep now instead!

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It’s different and i don’t like it !!!

looks great jes :smiley:

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Very shiny! Looks rather modern and splendid.

If it works better on phones thats a big win :smiley:

Probably needs some getting used to but if I can use my phone, ain’t too bad. Stupid work firewall blocks the forum … . So far looks very modern and slick.

edit function works too, also custom profile pictures! MOTOKO IS BACK!