Western Digital 3D NAND 2TB SSD

I thought the largest SSD on the market was around 1TB - so was quite surprised when I got an email today showing off the Western Digital 3D NAND range of SSDs - with their largest being a whooping 2TB of space.

£560 is a lot of cash… but if you divide down cost per GB, it’s the equivalent of getting a 250gb SSD for about £70 - which is not bad at all really.

It’s got sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s and sequential write speeds up to 530MB/s - that’s pretty nuts - plus a 3 year warranty.

Any downsides anyone can think of? If I had the cash… definitely on my wishlist.

WD also do a 2TB M2 3D NAND for a little bit more at £634.99. Cheapest (on Scan anyway) is the 2 TB Crucial MX300 but is a bit slower @ R 530MB/s W 510MB/s.

Biggest atm that I know of is the 4 TB Samsung 850 EVO 3D NAND R 540MB/s W 520MB/s & comes in at a hefty £1319.99

Oh & on Scan that SSD is currently £599.99 so £40 cheaper on amazon.