What are people playing tonight?

Hi All,

Anyone gaming this evening?

As its a global event weekend, I will be on the Division.

What will you be playing?

The usual PUBG most likely, maybe some BF1

If I get bored in the Division then I will pop on for either of those games :slight_smile:

I fancy some Conquest/Other Modes in BF1 (no more Operations).

Daughter is home for the weekend so timings to play will be limited… but Eve if anything.

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Probably Pubg. Mebbe BF1

Most probably finish off Shadow of The Colossus, maybe some Fortnite BR.

With myself

Or others on pubg

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I’m going to be passed out this evening from exhaustion.


IF I get on, it will be for Division

I might jump on the division for a bit as I have not played any gamez for a while now and feel like shooting some baddies!

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Good games tonight @ChEd :smiley:


Twas fun to do some underground!

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Pleaseto nudge meh if ther’s a couple of you on :slight_smile:

So its me not you :stuck_out_tongue: