What are you PLAYING right now (that isn't the usual?)

Similar to music, but with games!

From small to big releases to PUBG (Because its own genre), just plunk your game and a trailer.

Think a key rule though - it can’t be a game we are usually ALWAYS playing. So saying you’re playing R6, Arma or PUBG adds absolutely nothing to this.

Been hammering a lot of total war but stumbled upon this gem of a roguevania:

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I’m playing with myself but that is not unusual

Other than that finished horizon zero dawn at the weekend on the ps4 and getting the lasto of us tbis weekend to try.


i am playing ‘migrate the VMs’. It’s more interactive but less fun than progress quest, but otherwise pretty similar.


Armoured Warfare. Did “invest” as a Founder, but still, not played ot for a couple of years. Quite enjoyable, although dev / owner / publisher dramas of late, so longevity? No clue.

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Sciatica Simulator 2019 Early Access.

It’s not very good.


Playing space beast terror fight. It’s essentially a first person space hulk with 4 player co op. It’s in early access and absolutely hilarious. I’ll write it up a bit when I have the chance.

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Dunno, seems pretty realistic, from what I gather… :wink:

I fecking LOVE dead cells! Its a great game, I have been playing it from quite early and have experienced quite a few different updates to the game. The most recent update made the game fun again, the one before made the game really fucking hard.

I still play isaac afterbirth + and am currently enjoying Prey but I’m taking in the atmosphere and not just completing the game by following one of the many paths to complete it by doing side quests and exploring the space station!

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Played Dead Cells quite a bit, already since alpha, the last patches were really neat and change the core mechanics very posetively.

Oxygen not included is one of my gems right now, BUT I treat it as a sandbox as its still updated and I love trying to abuse the physic system :smiley: . Otherwise I started Iconoclasts 2 days ago, quite like it.

Last time some friends were over we played Full Metal Furies, which is amazing. Cheesy humor but very solid Coop mode. I’m planning on adding Nine Parchments, looks fun and came out for Switch too, seems ideal for that.

I’m waiting for Bayonetta 1+2 to be released, I played Bayonetta 1 on PC but really wanna finish both in a row on the Switch now. Having the option to have a massive games collection on your fingertips when you are on the go, is fantastic!

I Will probably play lots of DB Fighterz which will release today, CAN’T wait! Its crazy, I bought so many amazing games since late December, just have to take my time and play trough all of them.

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That looks like a TON of fun.

I’m a massive fan of Helldivers and other co op shooters (I have a worrying amount of time on Killing Floor 2). So this looks right up my alley.