What could we "All" play as ZiiPsters?

So I’ve seen loads of posts or comments at least “reminiscing” on the past. But I believe we are all part of this community because we enjoy playing games TOGETHER :slight_smile: (granted I suck at most :stuck_out_tongue:)

So to question my fellow ZiiPsters what are we all playing at the moment?

I’d love to find something we could all play as a large group no 4 man groups like Anthem, Div 2. something bigger?

Solo games are great but from time to time we all need some social interaction!

Any ideas? Or are we all getting Old? Or is there genuinely nothing currently out there?

Your thoughts / Opinions?

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If we could get a server going, I would be all for play MW1 again.

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What games are there that support this sort of play anymore?

Genuinely, honeslty not being a negative dick by asking that. I just don’t know anymore because all I play is SP or CooP games.

ZiiP has tried resurrecting BF but that either fizzels out for most or goes nuclear with a few people and then dies (Sorry for my parts of that).

I honestly don’t know what newer/recent games that support the ability for even a bunch of ZiiP’s size to play together against pubs, let alone sigularly as a community?

I miss the fuck out of logging in to TS in the evening to hear the dulcet tones of ZiiP blaring swears and cheers on whatever multiplayer, community-focused game we’re all in to right then so I’m totally up for bringing all the slags together for shinanigans.


I’m with vred. Don’t think there is much there that will pull us all in. Bf games might get a few maybe arma. I don’t think there is any mp game that really grips me enough now to get it. I might try cod when it comes out but that’s a big might.

I think we’re at the stage where smaller groups playing loads of different games will be the norm. Don’t get me wrong I do miss the nights of loads of us on but hard to organise now with us all being “adults”


Most games are limited to 4 people. That is the problem, not even an option to do multiple squads and then queue for the same server. ARMA might be the only one that could be done on a bigger scale. Oh and driving games.


Hide the zucchini ?? :slight_smile:


Garrys mod is a good game to use since it’s very adaptable depending on the mode and it’s a source game so servers are easy ( i think)


I will throw in Rising Storm 2 - it is extreme hard core but loads of fun. If you get a couple of kills then thats a good days work.

Very tactical game - I have not played recently so loads of modded maps etc.

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heres an example of trouble in terriorst town a gamemode/mod in Gmod

looks insane amounts of fun

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I feel like a lot of us have a lot of “life” going on at the moment, and our old ways - a server we dip in and out of when we feel like - no longer exists. We have to gather and prepare now.

Gmod and those types of mods would be the exact kind of game I reckon we would be all over, if we could put the time into getting it set up and run. It’s fun, relies on bluffing and messing around and general chaos and not adding any competitive edge to it.

I don’t see us gathering properly again in a single game at all. While that is tragic, I think its safe to say we’ve kind of moved on, and the smaller, individual groups are probably where our game time is going to focus.

Unless we all suddenly make a commitment to picking a game and going WHOSE IN, and enough folks go YES to rally everyone around that idea, we’re probably not gonna get this again.

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Hide the sausage? :smiley:

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I agree with @Xander - equally, even if there was a game that we all got, I for one can not do the epic gaming sessions until the early hours of the morning like we used to. Even going through to 11pm/midnight would be a push - and certainly not every night.

Times change, games change, life moves on.



did we not discuss gmod and trying prop hunt/ttt in the past? While i’m all for it (i love TTT), i don’t believe enough people are for us to play it as a group, so we might need to find a public server/community to play in.

I’m back on Arma3 at the moment (with an appropriate amount of overwatch, football manager, skyrim, and fifa).

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Im game for that any time!

i’ve reinstalled gmod but am busy tonight, might be on a bit earlier otherwise i’ll give it a spin tomorrow.

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and installed to

PVP Adrock ?
I occassionally log into a Tanoa Watselands Server for some ‘Huntin’ :slight_smile:
The ARMAJUNKIES Wastelands server we used to use now has an EOD Bot which fires slugs and can be remotely controlled…I’ve pissed a few off with that little gadget :wink: lol

yeah, the player count has dropped way down but there are folk on evenings and weekends, everyone tends to know what they’re doing. The last few games there’s been a voluntary ‘no darters’ truce because at low player counts they’re pretty OP the moment one team has one up.

And you can review games if you’ve ever donated:

plays back the whole game in anything from real time to 128x, you can zoom in and out, and it shows chat (global, side and group) against the players talking. It’s great for finding out where people were hiding or where you were getting shot from.