What DNS server do you use

I had this same thread on $previous_forum_incarnation and i think i ended up using a suggestion from @n0tch, but as my router firmware upgrade appears to have hosed the DNS servers (and the pppoe username, but NOT the password), I’m currently tootling along on cloudflare and whoever the fuck is. anyone have any recommendations, short of running my own?

Cloudflare as in If so then that’s pretty decent already :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t give too many fucks about my DNS at home so I just use the google public DNS (good ole and as I find my ISP (Virgin media) DNS to take ages to resolve stuff.

Setting up your own DNS server is cool if you have the bothered and something to run it on.

yeah i might stick with it ( for a while. they’ve a couple of others but i prefer having at least two different operators. I used to use google and then changed up to something else in a fit of paranoia. was suggested by something and was pretty quick to respond so i’ve stuck it down.