What have I just printed

Stage 1 took just over 18 hours to complete.

Printing the top now, will probably take about 8 hours to complete.


Noticed this on black friday deals so just posting in here. I have no idea if this is any good or even well priced. Anyway some discounted Filament.


I’m already waiting on another 2 spools of filament.

Printed this off today, along with another batch of walls. Annoying supports that caused a bunch of the surrounding pipework to snap, but fixed most of them.


Just catching up on this thread. Impressive stuff guys.

I ordered 2 spools of PLA from Anycubic 2 weeks ago and it still hadn’t arrived, so I shot them an email, expecting a refund…

So in the interim, I went to Amazon and bought 4Kg of PLA instead! :smiley: … Then I got an email from Anycubic saying that their purple had been out of stock and they’re shipping it all today…

So, I’m not going to be short on filament for a little while at least :slight_smile:


@vredesbyrd There are some freebie STL files available on Dragons Rest for scatter terrain and stuff like that if you’re at all interested.


These are pretty damn sweet

Well, this is the current stockpile of printed stuff so far!
image image image


How sturdy is that plastic? Lets say that if I needed a spacer with screw holes to hold around 2kg would something like that be possible?

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I reckon PLA would be fine, but you can get ABS material as well.

I know @n0tch has printed stuff to mount speakers in his project car, so he’d be better able to give you his experience on that side of things.

Thanks. It would be for my 3 monitor mount. I’ve somehow got to get the side monitors up about 2cm. Different types of monitors and different sizes and not enough movement on the adjustments. So a spacer that has separate holes for the actual vesa mount should do it. This is the problem when you don’t have tools :slight_smile: I’m going to Finland in December so might measure things up and get something done in there.

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4Kg of filament arrived today! Printing has started up again in earnest!

I should actually try out a Benchy at some point. …


Well, after a brief hiatus, I put the printer back into action and ran off another stack of walls and support columns.

Then, as I was printing a 5th column, I heard an odd clicking and looked over to see a huge string of unmelted and unused filament coiling around the printer!

Turns out, the PC4-M6 push fitting on top of the extruder, which hold the teflon feed-tube was bust and wouldn’t stay in place!

So I ordered 6 of these:

Off Amazon, due on Wednesday. €7.20 for 6 of them.

That should fix the issue and I’m back in business.


Parts should be arriving today, so hoping to get this back up and running later on this evening and getting it back into action.

I threw together a small gaming table yesterday evening (2’x2’) to see how the terrain stacks up for making a populated board…


From a recommendation from my dad who was one of the first people in the country to use CAD in industry back in the early 70’s, I am using Fusion360 by Autodesk which is a parametric modeller. Watched a few YT vids and it very clever and very powerful. Can produce STL files for your slicer to print.

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I’d love to get my hands on it, but it’s a tad too pricey for me.

It’s free for non comercials. Just sign up for the one year trial and renew the free trial next year and so on. :slight_smile:


FUCK YES! How in the fuck-buggery did I miss that before?!


FUCK! It’s not a PC4-M6 that I need, simply a PC4-M10!


I was in a rush when I put the order in, so I’ll take the lesson.

Ordered 10 of the M10 sizes anyway. Might be here by wednesday.

Coming along nicely it seems. Hat off to your painting skills :smiley: .

Fusion 360 is indeed awesome, I used it at home every now and then back in Korea for private use but as I had/have a fully fletched Inventor license I barely use it anymore.

You might wanna check with your University, Inventor offers Student and Teacher licenses based on the Email account itself. That is how I got mine. Was a fairly simple process, just signing up, waiting for the confirmation mail and that is it. Than you just need to continue it every year. Fusion 360 is fairly capable but Inventor is a clear step up in certain areas. Fusion 360 is better integrated for STL files and 3d printers, whereas Inventor is more capable for pure mechanical projects.