What have you just bought?


I spread my service and MOT out to deflect the cost. Dec/Jan is Service and June/July is MOT


Mot over here is very different from over there. We have test centres that really put your car through a bloody good test! Not just a take it to a garage and get them to do it for you.


I’m trying to find an example of exactly what I mean but I can’t find a video showing what I mean - when it was released I remember playing as the Shaman dude and I’d equip weapons but they just augmented the four/five powers/abilities the shaman had rather than attacking them directly with the weapons in hand, that make sense?

I remember having a weapon like a sword equipped but the powers were things like a poison blowgun, throw spiders, summon wolves, etc, so you didn’t actually attack with the weapon in hand.

Sounds small but it really, really bugged me and got in the way of me enjoying the game much at all.


if im remembering right ( prob not ) vred i think left and right clock did weapon stuff on PC no idea about switch tho


Yeah I’m really doubting myself now, I was sure from the couple of dozen hours I put in to it on release that left/right click activated powers instead of attacking directly with the equipped weapons.

Weird. I’ll have to dig up my Blizz account and check in with how it is now!


i think theres a eclectic or some other odd word mode that lets you messabout with what move/spell is were that could help


So, no Switch.

For some ungodly reason, instead of sending what I ordered together it has all been split up and sent by different couriers…

We have Mario Kart delivered by Yodel but then the other bits are with Royal Mail or DPD with some of it being taken back to the sorting office and some of it being held for redelivery.

I know why this has happened really - Very will probably use a bunch of different suppliers and fulfill orders with whoever has the stock they need close to where they need it. Still annoying as balls though.

I’ll probably have to just start stumping for weekend delivery or getting everything sent to work.


Switch and all the bits are here!

Scattered thoughts:

Handling everything while setting it up last night I was very impressed with the build quality - I know Ninty stuff is usually well put together but the Switch is a step up, like the 3DSXL build quality, everything very tight, well fitted, no rattle, amazing.

The setup was quick and straight forward, the updates were quick (a big improvement over the WiiU which seemed to take an age to download anything at all), the software as you would expect is smooth but I’m also impressed with just how smooth, its almost iOS smooth from the little go I’ve had. Transitions between windows and screens is quick and smooth (have another ‘smooth’ for good luck), the transition between the various combinations of setup and controller options is seamless (barring connecting the third party Pro controller but I’ll chalk that up to a problem on the 3rd party end).

The Joycons are a bit odd to handle in any configuration other than docked to the switch, but I felt that way about the Wii mote and the WiiU controller.

Right now I can’t see myself buying the online since the 'We’ll give you a free game…for 7 days! oh and multiplayer!" thing just really doesn’t tickle my Johnson. I’ll see how alluring the online is when I get a few more games.

Speaking of games, and as ever being Vred the grump, Vred against the grain, Vred is being a bell: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is possibly the worst Mario Kart game (maybe worst value either/or) I have ever played. What the hell is the point in a modern Mario Kart game where every character (No, I don’t count gold Mario), every track and every mode (ok, you have to do a little bit to get to 200cc and Mirror, but they’re still there in the menu and the effort is low…) is already unlocked?!

It feels like the market for Mario Kart has turned full tick to a younger/family audience, which I get, but it has really disappointed me where Mario Kart has gone since Double Dash. Where is the interesting coop gameplay? Where are the exciting, new levels? Where are the challenging AI? Where is the epic modes with every track start to finish and then again mirrored? Why is Ninty giving me everything already unlocked? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MARIO KART?!

Lets Go Eve is alright. Haven’t touched Odyssey yet, I’ll blast that tonight.

Tl;dr: Console good, Pokemon good, Mario Kart baaaaaaaad.

Next purchase: Some Gamecube controllers and (if I can’t find it) another copy of Double Dash for our Wii!

Edit: Oh yeah and a couple more Switch games, probably Diablo and Rabids next.

Edit 2: Looking around at what the general reception for 8 Deluxe has been and apparently I’m both wrong and a bad person for not thinking 8 Deluxe is the best Mario Kart ever released.


Just checked Amazon to see if they’re making any moves with Ace Combat for tomorrow but still no dispatch.

Getting me twitchy. I want to blast some Erusean dogs out of the skies and tell em to dance with the angels.

Edit: So Ace Combat 7 is awesome. Just finished blasting through the first 9 missions after getting back from work.

Looks beautiful, controls are nice, the new ‘upgrade tree’ is interesting, most of the story is enjoyable aside from the standard stilted dialogue (wouldn’t be Ace Combat without it) and some really iffy writing in places, the aircraft are excellently rendered as you would expect, good variety of planes to choose from and the giant Ace Combat set pieces and crazy enemies are back in style.


So monitor stand came in on Friday. The VESA mount for the middle monitor was cracked(only piece of plastick in the thing). Contacted overclockers and they are sending a replacement one. I don’t even need to send the broken one back. So I’ll most likely just glue the thing for now. Swap out when the new one comes and use the rest for spares.


Want want want WANT

The stupidest stories that I am totally in love with

Ace Combat drinking game, drink every time someone goes “Why do we -something-”?


A new amazing quote to top ‘Dance with the Angels’ : ‘Do as the wiseman does, make sandwiches’.

No idea what it means and the context its said in gives no clues.

Perfect Ace Combat dialogue.


Oh wow! :smiley:

I feel like there’s some machiavellian genius behind Ace Combat scripts. Someone knows exactly how bad the dialogue is and is just having fun.


Not brought yet, but I am thinking of buying this Nissan Micra


misconception i think mate, it’s yours to play for the length of your online sub ( same and sony,EA, M$ ). The 7 days is your switch and the SNES app needs to make an internet connection once per 7days to reconfirm you have an active sub.


Am I reading that right… less than a 1-Litre?


Engine Capacity

898cc :see_no_evil:


90 bhp though so for a little car it’ll have more than enough power. My first car was a Punto 75ELX 1.2 (1242cc to be precise) 75 bhp & was a little rocket & then I had a Peugeot 307 SW 2lt Diesel @ 90 bhp & was still a decent mover but lacked in umph for overtaking.


I suppose the Micra is lightweight enough that it’s going to have a decent power:weight ratio.


I think you’re all rather overthinking a Nissan Micra. I’m surprised they bothered to have a ‘Performance’ tab