What have you just bought?

Return flights to Oslo in 10 days for a meeting. :slight_smile:


John Wick 3 / Shazam

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10s and tens

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Accommodation in Oslo for 2 nights! Also gonna be catching up with Ronin while I’m over there! :smiley:


Giant Pelican transport case for my beloved PC. I don’t trust any shipping company with that monster and as Caselabs got bankrupt last year the chassis is so unique and irreplaceable.

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive…


I’m a sucker for the Lovecraft shit;


because i NEED the 4k! ( and my pc is begin a prick )

I already have the One S but it’s not very powerful but the X is more powerful then my PC


Nice! I watch quite a few digital foundry videos and the one X is consistenly better performance than any of the other consoles including the PS4 pro!

I already have the PRO but only first party games seem to be full 4k 3rd party seem to always benefit more on the X with a few exceptions like The Witcher 3

Is there a way to dislike things in here somewhere?

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update on the Xbox one X fuck amazon marketplace sent me a open ex bundle special edition console not the black one i ordered so thats getting returned. brought a gears bundle from ARGOS for £100 more -_- but i have it and ARGOS are great

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My Samsung S7 was getting tired. Got this on a contact from £20 a month. Available phone only for only £269

So far, I am seriously impressed. Barely any bloatware. Solid build. Great specs (Exynos 9609 Chipset, Dual 48MP + 5MP Camera, 25MP Front Camera, Android 9, 4GB RAM , 128GB Storage)

Really really nice for the money.


I am thinking of just buy my next phone out right and going sim only. Mate got a Xiaomi Mi 9T from China and it looks class. Might go for that

I went sim only years ago. Unless you get the flagship model, contracts are just a rip off.

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Same here. I was with Plusnet and was paying £10 a month for 5GB Data, unlimited calls and texts.

The Moto One works out at £20 a month, for 4GB Data with unlimited calls and texts The phone is £269 and the contract is 24 months. I never used 5GB in a month, so I doubt I’ll use 4GB.

So £10 for the airtime of what I was paying, plus £10 x 24 months for the handset actually works out as quite a good deal. Also, I don’t change handsets yearly (or even bi-yearly - tend to keep them until they don’t work well) so this seemed a pretty good buy.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

The Surge 2

Gears 5

…things I wanted to buy but instead got this

A super exciting baby carrier, soon to be followed by a pram…sigh


Wargame red dragon.

Currently downloading…

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The Gears of fatherhood promptly start turning, once you accidentally cross your Breakpoint and can’t hold onto The Surge.


Eloquent as always


Must say I love how you hold your remote - multi tasking at it’s finest!