What have you just bought?


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Well… The hdmi splitter I had for my PS4 Pro/PSVR set up shit up…(common apparently)

After research the only one I could find to 99% work as intended is £50…

Look to see any new PSVR deals going as the new model does HDR Passthrough.

£189.99 with VR World’s, Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Resident Evil 7.

£90 I ended up paying after trading I my PSVR.


I just bought @Scottyboy 's brand new Corsair H100i GTX for a ridiculously low amount of wedge to finish out my build. Oh and 2 Noctua NFS-12A case fans. My idle temps have dropped 15 degs to 28. No idea about under load yet as I have just finished fitting it and am now typing this.

I had to run it with the tubes coming from the bottom as there would have been far to much tubing to man-handle into the case coming from the top as the CPU is so close. The tubes are not very flexible. Plus this way I get to fit the second exhaust fan. The only downside is the inability to remove the GPU without a lot of fucking about. Did solve the GPU sag though :slight_smile:


Love noctua fans.


YEY!!! Feel invested in this cause.

Good to see that cooler finally put to use rather than just sitting under my desk. Still works right??


I might get a couple of Noctua NFF-12 radiator fans just to finish it off, but currently, the temps are soo good and the noise is minimal with the Corsair fans that I might not. Let’s see what happens in summer :slight_smile:


Works a treat :slight_smile:


I love Noctua fans so much.

Does anyone have any experience with their ‘industrial’ fans like this one listed on Scan?

Are they much better at cooling or are they just more durable?

Always wondered if the extra cash go you quieter or extra cooling.


Quite a good bit of info:


Their website is very good.


@vredesbyrd if you want to try one, i’ve four spare NF-A14 iPPC 2000rpm IP67 PWM fans. I got them because i was concerned the nanoxia fans might’ve died due to the amount of dust, and i was curious to see if they could keep pushing as much air while being any quieter.


No personal use on those fans, but they are supposed to be very good. Now really high RPM as they are industrial. So Noise will be one thing you have to “watch” out for.


43.5dB for those Industrial Noctua fans, I’ve never really done any fan change overs from factory fitted ones, did add 2 120mm akasa led fans to my NZXT Apollo case many moons ago & still use the green led on in current build (HDD cooling). Since last & current cases were/is NZXT they come with their fans & I must admit I do love NZXT fans, currently have 2 x 200mm & 1 x 140mm FZ Airflow series (superceeded by the Aer series)

200mm 700+/-200 rpm, 103cfm, 20dB
140mm 1000+/-200 rpm, 83.6cfm, 24.5dB


Well the Noctuas are really good. Could just control the max RPM via software or via mobo or something to noise “normalize” them.
I got a good few bequiet fans myself as I like the silence when doing office work.


Looking at this kit at the moment. Any comments?


What about these Alex NZXT Aer 140mm High Performance or the 120mm? Both are cheaper & quieter, the 140mm is close to the Noctua for airflow & 120 is 21 -63 cfm


My experience with fans has completely changed recently, partly due to have fecking awesome my ASUS motherboard is. The front two fans are off most of the time. The rear exhaust is off too. The top exhaust and CPU fan are on such a low RPM cycle, they are silent. ASUS software can properly configure the PWM on each fan - plus you can specify which fans is in which location and choose the nearest temp sensor.

Current mobo temp: 20 degrees. CPU: 30 degrees. (ok, house is a bit cold too).

If I play a game, they kick in - albeit, still quietly. Never had it doing anything other than a mild breeze. Only thing that does kick in hard is the GPU fans when under load.