What have you just bought?


Great setup. 2700x vs 2700? Much difference. The 2700 has a lower TDP. I’d love either tbh.

With the AIO loop, a decent air block would do just as good, even OC, cost less, and be quieter in the long term. I’ve really gone off water recently.


Be careful you don’t dehydrate too much, mate :wink:


Need one for the road.


You need a big butt dildo for the road?


Coffee. 720ml of coffee.


Both would wake you up, I suppose :wink:


Recommended by our glorious leader.


Fek sake. All this monitor talk gone and influenced me! Affiliated order complete. Huzzah

Ooh free COD with it too.


Nice one, :metal:


Nice deal for a G-Sync monitor :slight_smile:


Cheers @Scottyboy :slight_smile:

Lovely spec monitor


Just bought the same!


So I ordered the stuff I was looking at earlier.


“Hi Caolan, thanks for ordering with Ebuyer.com!”

Oh lord, what have I done…


You got that 2070?



Finally this screen is going to have a GPU that can run games the way I’d like.


Fucking Ebuyer cancelled the order for no reason, probably sold out :triumph:

Ebuyer fucked me, so went with Scan for an EVGA card:

Also, I blame @Scottyboy




Extra year Warranty over the MSI and 50 sterling cheaper too.


I sense @vredesbyrd’s love for EVGA oozing from the screen lol :stuck_out_tongue: