What have you just bought?



Yes, its a complete sentence, Forum.


About bloody time.


Fucking card is delayed due to the high volume of stuff that was bought over the weekend.

I’m still hopeful that I will get a chance to install it before I go to Finland on Saturday. :crossed_fingers:


Same for my stuff. The CPU is coming from Scan. Ordered Saturday and was only dispatched today.


my last item (the extra ssd) is arriving today.

i got a sous vide cooker on a whim, and the chicken and porkchops have been great so far.

And mroe hue lightbulbs, for increased values of discoliving.


You really got the Hue… There is a much cheaper alternative to the Hue. A Chinese manufacturer makes them(Xiaomi). Yee light its called. There is also another one called Lohas. Fl3xxxo gave me one of them and it’s been working well. I was able to link it to Alexa(Echo).


I’ve tried alternatives but the Hue ones were
a) bundled at 3 for 60 something quid rather than their regular 40-60 quid a bulb.
b) produce better whites when using the colour bulbs (i’ve tried a few others, including Yee, but not Lohas)
c) I already have Hue bulbs in half the flat, a setup hue bridge, and spares, and my Echo is 1st gen and doesn’t include home automation stuff (it can control the hue via the bridge and sockets over wifi, but it can’t control zigbee stuff on its own), so extending that is preferable to replacing everything.

Now every light is a Hue one, apart from the bathroom (analogue dimmer) and guestroom.

Also an amazon fire hd 8 to control the speaker in the shower, because spotify on the fire 7 is balls. The 8 is surprisingly quick in comparison.

and some black command strips, a spare usb hdd to transfer stuff to for my folks for christmas/holidays, Cosey Fanni Tutti’s autobiography, a set of holesaw blades, and a copy of the 16th edition of 1800 mechanical movements, devices and appliances.

And this burger:



Ahh well you are invested in the hue economy already(doomed) :slight_smile:
Send us one of them burgers!


Ordered a bag from @Angelclaws



[citation needed]

It’s a fresh donut so i don’t think it’ll travel well…maybe if i eat a second one on your behalf?


Yep have a second one.


Playseat Challenge due to my reduced desk size to keep wifey happy. Folds away. Fricking brilliant.


Fucking love it.


Nice one. I see that fanatec wheel there…


Almost a complete fuck-up (on my part)… card associated with Amazon had expired.

Only just found all the “card declined” emails in my Spam folder :oops:

All sorted - delivery for SATURDAY!


Woot - delivery of screen scheduled for TODAY!


Gooo Miccles!!


Holy shit its here… packaging ia almost as long as my desk


Welcome to the new age Miccles >D

My 2070 has arrived and is installed :smiley:
Getting drivers now for Geforce, then to quickly test it out on BFV. /smug


My trusty 970. Oh how it has served me fucking well.

3 years running, never had an issue with it. I never even cleaned it and I was surprised as to how “clean” it was!

Size comparison *snicker…

Yeah, ok, this is pretty fucking meaty!

Mmmm, Blooo