What have you just bought?


I bought me some stuffs and cbd crystal powder stuff to make me own CBD Vape juice. Spent £50 total(roughly)… and the only thing I’ll need in around 125 days will be another flavour shot(£6-£8) and more CBD powder (£40ish)


don’t get any ideas

I brought Jesters Christmas present :sunglasses:


My new screen.


Epic, ain’t it :smiley:

Once you go 32" 1440, you never go back. That doesn’t rhyme. Fuck it.


Please oh please say you got non-reference cards :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sent both of my reference 2080Ti’s and the reference 2070 back on RMA after they all started presenting the artifacting crapola -.-


Me right now:


Who on earth buys reference cards?


I didn’t buy them :grin: I also am not allowed to sell them.


Ahh Nvidia “quality” control strikes again :smile:
Now as you did not buy them… tell me where you got them and how much blood/other bodily fluids you had to give.


My parts are running late, god damn it. I was going to build the system today(sneak the stuff in the case before the missus notices).


last 6 or 7 cards have been reference, all still working; the 8800gtx was briefly on fire and still runs. You burn your 2070 for 20 seconds and it still works and we can talk :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that i’d recommend running reference coolers mind, but that’s a different issue.



Work perks :wink:


Haven’t seen you on here for a while @GiantKiwi, what’s the current state of your 911 order? Can’t wait to see a pic of that - great car.


I have an old EVGA x58 motherboard with 3 blown caps that still running after 5 years :smiley:
Does that count?


Given all my hardware woes, you’d think this would be my “Thats not a knife!” moment, but the best I can dois: I’ve got a leaked on X99s board with two dead RAM slots and sound that crackles when I turn the system on.


Oops… Again.

Numbered vinyl. One of 750.


Cayman, and prospectively might have it for my birthday in April if I’m lucky as they halted production on them for a while due to an engine fault arising resulting in a recall - which has caused a large backlog :frowning:


That’s unfortunate - still, better the recall and fix happened before yours was built and delivered - otherwise you’d be gutted having to wait so long, only to have to send it back again as part of a recall.


So, I was so impressed by the entry level Ryzen 3 1200 that I got that I decided to upgrade straight away (That sounds like I wasn’t impressed - but I am, especially by the Ryzen brand/range)

Sticking with the first gen of chips, I’ve picked up a Ryzen 7 1700 for £150 from Scan. 8-core with 16 threads, it’s a beast as a workstation on a budget, and will still handle games well.

If anyone is interested in my Ryzen 3 1200 chip, I’m happy to sell it here before whacking it on ebay. Used for literally a couple of weeks.