What have you just bought?


One of my bosses has just taken shipment of a 2018 718. I’ll ask him if he has had the recall notice tomorrow, best let him know.


It only affected cars that were built prior to June this year, all subsequent cars have had the newer component.


Thanks for that. I’ll have to ask when his was built.


Thought your build wasn’t due until January? Surely it wouldn’t need recalled for a part if its due for its build until then?


The recall caused a backlog and therefore delays I think, Hammy.


Ahhh. Wasn’t sure if recalls would have been dealt by the same department


My boss’s 718 was built prior to June so he called his Porsche garage and they knew nothing about a recall for an engine component. The only recall they mentioned was a side scoop retrofit due to people chucking fag butts out the window and the engine suck them in! :grin:

What component were you told was faulty?


It seems Porsche is also affected by the switch to WLTP as a spokesperson has told Autocar the company will not be accepting custom orders from European customers at all in the foreseeable future. This decision affects the entire range, from the 718 Boxster/Cayman to the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. By doing so, Porsche will avoid having to deliver custom cars that do not meet the WLTP regulations after September 1 when NEDC will be retired.


Means fek all to me by the way.


They didn’t go into too much detail with me as build was so far off, i’m calling them tomorrow for an explicit answer now, going to be pretty pissed if it was something as stupid as that - if that is the cause i’ll be querying the ridiculous delays.


so Ryzen 2700 was due to arrive today. Except they sent it to the Swansea distribution hub and not Peterborough.

Fucking DPD.

Coming tomorrow.


Delayed shineys are the worst shineys.


I’d argue ‘out of stock after you order them’ shineys are the worst shineys. Pedantic though, maybe


In the instance of this order, both scenarios occurred. Double annoyance.


uhoh, amazon is trying to unbuy the thing i bought!


Sorry, they are going to refund you and you don’t have to return the item?

What did they send by mistake?


i’ve no idea what it is. it appears to be a crucial mx500 1TB 2.5" ssd…I can only assume it’s something else disguised as a crucial mx500 1TB 2.5" ssd?

i’ve had no return refunds before, but usually only for stuff that’s difficult to ship, shipped a long way with import fees, or is disposable.


Amazon really dont care about stuff like that for some reason.

The amount of Amazon returns i get back that do not have the original product in the box is insane.

If you ever need replacement bits…buy it from Amazon…take what you need…send it back as not fit for purpose or something like that…get your monies back. No questions asked.


have they even fixed the NowTV thing yet? amazon warehouse used to have hundreds of them listed as new for a few quid but missing vouchers or stuff that came with them as folk were just buying one to redeem the code and returning it for a refund.


Not heard of that one but sounds like the same stuff that happens to our stock we sell them.