What have you just bought?


i guess there’ll always be things that sit in the gap where it seems like an obvious scam that someone should pick up on, but no one has yet.

Completely unprovoked refunds have got to be amongst the most guilt-free of ‘scams’. the mail even says it’s not from a monitored mailbox and not to reply, that i’ll get another mail later or can track it under Order Details at amazon (the refund is showing up already so it’s not just the email in error). there’s no link or comment on what to do if this isn’t expected or who/how to contact them, and while i’ve returned a couple of things recently neither has been down to being sent the wrong product.

I’m a little wary of installing it now, in case what i was sent was ‘incendiary device intended for prank usage disguised as a crucial ssd’, but they’d tell me if that was the case, right? Should i be attributing that much competence to who/whatever is in charge?


Front & rear brake pads for the motor (well ordered & picking up at 11:00), near side front went on my way home from work last night. Luckily it hasn’t damaged the disc & going to change all as better safe than sorry.


Bought a bunch of things on Amazon for others for christmas and decided to get myself the collection of works from Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon) on Kindle. €16 for the 5 books.


I bought a 1L bottle of honey jack from Tesco for £18 :wink:


Kinky evening? Bought some rope too?


@Buggsy , get the Panda!


I got me an amazon echo they do monthly payments now so decided to spoil my tits off


I beleive my fancy new jeans will be delivered tomorrow!


Could have gotten that from me for 0 euro


Whatcha get?


@Zorndar Dude, what’s Soul Calibur 6 like?

Worth picking up? Fucking love SC2 and SC 5 is decent. It’s on “sale” at the moment on Steam, so I’m tempted.


1440p 144Hz :see_no_evil:


Last night I wanted dirty food as I’m Home Alone. So I tried to order Domino’s. Kept getting “payment not authorised” message right at the end :frowning:

So I used that Just Eat app and ordered Indian, pay on delivery.

Then the Domino’s pizza arrived.

Then the Just Eat app updated to tell me my meal had been delivered - no sign of it. :frowning: So I give them a poor review and reheat the pizza in the oven.

Then the Indian arrived.

I tipped both delivery guys.



It bugs me when people give the delivery drivers a load of crap for something they probably had no part in - they turn up, get what they’re given with an addressed invoice and drive to where they’re told. So many order problems are the fault of the people at the takeaway rather than the driver.


Jeans :stuck_out_tongue:

A pair of huit jeans.


ALL the food! Nice work!


Get yoself a nice pair of Iron Heart or Edwins in 22oz, they is fucking lovely :blush:


I have never wanted to live someone else’s evening more than I do now, in this moment. You have tasted the apex of your life. I salute you.


The jeans I have are 22oz Selvege denim :wink:


Ooooh, slubs?

Fucking trying to get myself a pair as well, but going to have to wait until march I reckon because I need to get into this whole “being smart with my money” bollox. :confused: