What have you just bought?


Nope, UK made.


Yeah, those are slightly “slubby” it’s that coarse texture which is called slub.

I had a pair of Edwin slubs that cost a fucking fortune, but they were literally (in the correct use of the word) the most comfortable pair of jeans I ever owned. Wore the absolute fuck out of them for 5 years until they wore through in about 5 places.


These come with a 6 month no-wash blob of advice… :open_mouth:

6 months!!! :rofl: Ima try it :slight_smile:

O and they uncomfy as feck at the mo - like cardboard! :rofl: Mind, the advice leaflet thingy says that they will be, but to bear with and just use them. So I wearing them :slight_smile:


Aye, 22oz and 25oz jeans are a cunt at the start, but once you break them in, they is feckin’ ace!

I have a couple that i didn’t wash for about 3 months, but they were only worn for meetings and going out for dinner and stuff. They eventually devolve into work jeans as the years go on.


Ima be wearing these plenty! :smiley:

Spensive, so gonna get used!


Eeeek. Unboxing now.


Drop us a link to that… pls





Ordered 3 of these dust fileters. Need two for the top of the case, because I put the CPU rad there. Also one for the PSU intake.


Didn’t buy but won in a Twitter giveaway :smiley:


Didn’t buy but it was bought for me for Christmas

It’s glorious, each module can be separated and it’s over a metre tall.


This bad boy already loaded a custom kernal and a few extra ROMs :smiley:


Football Manager 2019 (cdkeys)


Ordered a new screen. Unfortunately the delivery is between 29th of Jan and 14th of March.


Sorry bit late but I’m in holiday!

Its my first Soul Calibur game but I think its fairly fun. The graphics aren’t too great but the game mechanics are good.

Still getting used to the pacing and controls as its a bit faster then my other fighting games (DBF, SF5, GGRev2)! I love the customization option, spent far too much time on that :smiley:


Bought this for indoor flying. I have recorded some good footage just need to edit it a little before posting.


Many things. Too manies. Too spensive :disappointed_relieved:

Selling shit now…


Well not just bought but just got for my Christmas present from the misses. Been riding my other bike for about 5 years and still on the original rims. Can’t wait to try it out.


Looks great. Shame about your camera centering skills…


There was me trying to be funny. Click on the pic Bev, you prick.


My newest Xmas build. Mack Anthem :grinning: