What have you just bought?


For the briefest second I was wondering how did that sod steal my Saturn V.
Now all I want is more Lego.




Went on a little bit of a spending spree and went a wee bit over budget :slight_smile:
Saved about 150 euro on the monitor in the sales but didn’t really get any other good discounts.
I’m a bit lucky in that I’ve gotten a bit of tax back and refunds for courses I had to attend for work so I’m not going to be living on noodles for the rest of the year.

I debated a good while on the graphics card, and was looking at second hand 1080TIs, 2070s, 2080s and the 2080TI. In the end went for the 2080TI and I realise that this is a ridiculously expense choice and that it’s a bit silly to buy this on the promise of the tech in the future; however, it will hit the refresh rate on the monitor in all games that I throw at it, it’ll last me several years even if RTX turns out to be total rubbish and I’ve been using a Geforce 635M since 2012 so I bloody well deserve to be stupid and treat myself.

MSI have to variants of the 2080TI Trio at the moment. The only difference is the clock speed and entertainingly enough komplett have priced them the wrong way around so I managed to save about 50 euro.

p.s and yes, I did almost buy the mITX board by mistake :slight_smile:



I don’t feel so bad now :slight_smile: Baller with yer 2080 :wink:

Now you just gotta get an oculus rift… :wink:

Whenzit arrive, buddy?


Have to wait on some parts to come in but hopefully have it up and running by the end of the month.

Fingers crossed I’ll have finished doing up the spare bedroom and have bought a desk for the damn thing by then


Just ordered a wireless net connection for myself.

€85 a month for 30/10 connection.

It’s a lot of money for not all that much speed (compared to others), but it’s roughly 5x / 10x faster than my download and upload speeds at the moment.

It’s a bit of a trial run to see if it’s worthwhile. 20GB a day limit, where it might be throttled until midnight if I exceed it, but I’m tired of my net being slow as shit and uploading things for work taking forever.


I did it. The stand is appaling, but as I am going to wall mount it now it has the VESA option, who cares! Now I have found out that my GPU is woefully underpowered for a 144hz 1440p monitor. Guess I will wait for the newly announced AMD GPU to push down the Vega 56 prices :slight_smile:


Pre-ordered a game for the first time in I can’t remember how long - Ace Combat 7 which is out next Friday. I’ve even bought it for PS4!

For anyone thats interested, the PS4 copy comes with a copy of ‘Squadron Leader’.

Canny waaaaait!


Recently got these for gaming. Been great so far.


Ordered a new 3 screen stand. We will see how this one is.


bloody hell, that’s a good price for a 3x32"


I’ll let you know how it goes. Last one I got was amazon deal for 32 pound. Now it is not strong enough(quality also shite) and adjustable enough for the current setup with the 27" in the middle and the 24" on the sides(not advertised untill 24" anyway).


A Nintendo Switch with Mario Odessey, Mario Kart (The third fucking time I’ve bought this game - are you listening, Ninty?!), Pokemon: Lets Go Eve, Stardew Valley and a Pro Controller from Very.

It’s Ninty and I’m weak - what do you want from me?!


I love my switch! I got my car serviced and MOT’d yesterday so I just carried on leveling up my demon hunter in Diablo 3 sat in the waiting area since its so easy to play/carry on with games when not at home:)


My switch was an awesome decission. I might have a controller hording problem though, I own 7 so far.

My personal favourite games for it so far are Mario Kart, Bayonetta 1&2, Smash, Gris and the SF 30th Anniversary eddition. Mario Odessey and Zelda are awesome if I have a few hours to play at a time, they suck up time like nothing.


SO MANY SWITCHS we should all be friends and play the vidja gems together


Did they ever make it so you actually attack enemies with the weapon you have equipped or did they stick with the mobile game thing of click ‘powers/abilities’ to attack?


I bought car insurance. Yay. Next is a service and mot. Always great at the start of the year.


No mobile game nonsense on D3 on switch, Skills/attacks are mapped to buttons on both joycons and it works really well!

Sounds like we need a switch friends thread! :smiley:


I had to do service, MOT and tax on Saturday so I feel your pain Hammy!

Insurance is up in July