What have you just bought?


honestly the engine worries me as im used to my amazing Seat Leon 2ltr 184 PS, but the seat goes back after my next visit to Pauline.
Technically I am buying my first car. I just cant afford the monthly payments and insurance for a similar car and insurance

If I can push my payments up a bit…
I can get the hatchback version Seat Leon :wink:


Have to be fair, I’m pretty impressed with how fancy the Micra actually looks. Pretty nifty, they’re really making an effort. When I think Micra, I still mentally sorta picture this


Yeah that didn’t look like the micra I was thinking lol


A lot of new cars, esp fords are running a one litre engine but have boost/turbos in them so they have more poke than the ones we knew when younger. So modern one litres are more like old skool 1.4s. Actually looking at a few of the focus 1 litre zetecs and they are putting out about 110/130 bhp


The missus got a 2015 1l Zetec last weekend. Its got more kick than the previous 1.4l she had.


I’ve bought nothing, nothing at all. Not a single thing.

Damm you Caolan!!!


No, no, no. No love should be given for that post St00kz. It’s bloody ridiculous and shameful I spent that much on a card. The problem was all the other cards with good noise/temp profiles are estimated to be in stock maybe late next month at the very earliest. The only, only, saving grace of this will be in making Caolan obscenely jealous until the prices crash, the next models come out or the card explodes from being just so bloody silly.


The love is there Ronin to have the balls to spend soooooo much on a card :slight_smile:


I won’t be having those for long once Zarah realises just how expensive it was


Feck Ronin I thought I was being lavish when I threw £420 at the MSi 1070 twin frozer back in 16 & that was the cheaper option at the time as the 1080s had just come out & if I remember correctly were £600+.

Oh damn fine choice going with MSi :wink:


In my defence…

Yeah I have none but at least the card and the rest of the components are on the way to me. Should have them by Thursday.


“…I’ve got a 2080ti so eat a bag of dicks.”


This will be @Ronin when he fires up the first graphically intensive game after building that behemoth:


The Diablo 3 thing was bugging me but I’ve not had a chance to reinstall it so I was chatting with a lad in work who is playing the current season and managed to describe what I meant and he confirmed for me that what I meant was the case.

The way he described it back to me was: He has a magic using character who he has a crossbow equipped to. When he attacks with 1/2/3/4/Left click/right click he does not fire the bow, he casts what ever spell is bound to that key/button. Likewise if it was a dagger or sword the character doesn’t actually whack the enemy with either weapon, that weapon only augments the characters or a spells stats.

That making more sense?

It seems like something small to make such a fuss over, but part of my love for this style of game is using the different weapons alongside spells, essentially just having spells and no actual weapon attacks really waters down the experience for me. I want to be hacking hordes of enemies to bits with a battleaxe stopping to fire off a lightening bolt or summon a minion then get right back to hacking away at chaff.

So yeah, tl;dr: Deal breaker, not for me.

Like there aren’t enough other switch games.



Completely hear you. I had a witch doctor with a giant sword (hello there, people with dirty minds) who would attack by throwing ceramic pottery filled with spiders, which is just fucked on every level.

I mean, what was he doing? Dangling the pot on the end of the sword? I guess you might not want to touch a pot full of spiders…but still, I don’t see how a better sword makes the whole business any more deadly.


if i rember my crusader i think the abilitys and spells chnage slightly if i have a fail or sword or what have you but not much


So ordered a WD Blue M.2 1TB ssd. Directly from WD with a 20% discount code 135 euro


I have brought (early release) Venom…

Good film and delightfully funny. Hope there’s gonna be another one


The age ole Christian thing it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission


A pair of “hippy trousers”, apparently.