What have you just bought?

I need to stop spending money! But whats the point in money if you don’t spend it on things you enjoy!!~

Turns out that the cheapo dolby compatible DAC I bought was too good to be true, upon watching a film popping noises started…Worked fine with PS4 and games though so that’s odd…

Anyways… Going to pick this up today from Richer Sounds.

Having multiple inputs helps greatly as I’ll be able to plug in my PS4 Pro, 4K Blu Ray Player and NVIDIA Shield directly. And will be able to easily plug and play with my PC too via the USB.


I bought new rubber seal for the bottom of the shower doors. What an exciting life I lead


I’ve found i have fewer issues using optical out from my PC to my DAC, so that may be worth a try too, though i think USB might be your only free input with the other devices attached?

Assuming multiple of those things are attached to your TV, could you run digital audio out from the TV to the DAC to save you inputs and some cabling and switching between them?

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TV in different room I’d be unplugging DAC and Amp to use on PC when and if need to. I have a sound blaster z sound card, so it’s not an absolute must…

And I’ve got it set up to have individual inputs due to the fact my TV must be set to Dolby Digital so that my soundbar + rear speakers actually output 5.1… So I’d have to keep switching between DD+PCM… My Blu-ray player is the only unfriendly one as I have to turn off HDMI audio manually to get out optical… But it’s seemless for PS4(mute soundbar) and Nvidia shield TV as HDMI audio is automatically muted when using usb audio.

Oh and I got sent two… I bought one…

ah, gotcha. i forget some people don’t keep all their stuff in one room!

Ahh, yeah, a lot of places sell them in matched pairs because a lot of amps run separate tubes for left and right channels (and if they weren’t the same would/could end up a bit funky, rather than funkeh). Could be they were selling in pairs, or could be their mistake because they get a lot of orders for pairs. It’s a win either way :slight_smile:

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I only have one room … unless you count my bathroom. I prefer optical too, had so much trouble with usb drivers. Now that I change that, everything works awesome. There are even 2-1 switches so you can use mutiple sources/sinks with one sink/source, depending on what you need!

for pip:

I recently got a hdmi pass through to optical out converter for my switch so I can feed the audio to my amp/speaker combo. Its much more convenient that way !

I had thought of that, however multiple sources are 4K HDR. Blu Ray player being HDR10+ so compatibility is an issue with stuff like that, especially when still wanting the audio out my soundbar haha

I bought some cider yesterday. Shocker.


train tickets to the airport :sunglasses::sunglasses:
12 days and counting :joy:


Just ordered the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C be interesting to have a play with this at the weekend…if I can escape the building of my Deck :slight_smile:

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@NaloaC Beautiful machine - Have the Dell 9560 myself and that 4k display is phenomenal, one hell of a bargain you got there!

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I changed my netflix account to the SuperHD option just so I can make use of the 4K screen.

Watched the first episode of Planet Earth 2… holy shit it’s amazing to watch.

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I didn’t realise Netflix had a 4K option - I may have to do the same myself!

How are you getting on with it so far?

So far so good. Need to get a few more bits and pieces installed on it.

It’s primarily for work, so it’s going over into the shed so that I can move all my work somewhere away from the bedroom and have a proper workspace.

It is nice though to have a laptop that I can use properly on the go now and maybe have a few cheeky games of War Thunder when I’m away from home.

You turned the shed in to an office?

That’s the plan.

Need to install a wood-burning stove for the winter and a window that I can open upstairs for the summer. Too cold or hot to be in there otherwise.

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…need to install a bar in there!

dream office

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Wait till you get the chance to watch it with HDR … You will weep with happiness my friend.

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After many a punching the top of my case, I think after about 8 years my fan is on the way out, so I got one of these.

I might have ordered a 120mm one months ago when I though it was gone, not realising i’d 140mm ones on the top, so will replace the rear fan too.