What have you just bought?


Dirty hippy.


Well, I am 2 months behind getting my hair cut…

DGAF! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I ain’t bought tickets yet, but I think this year might be a must!

Die Antwoord, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Amon Amarth, Tool, Jinjer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Skindred, Alien Weaponry, Halestorm…

That’s the best line-up they’ve had in years!





Well I’m super happy right now. Probably no suprise to anyone anymore I’m a massive Ghost In the Shell fan. Not so much of the movie but I sort of enjoyed it. Decent action scenes but bumped out by everything else.

I now had my second chance of getting a prop of the actual movie. Last time I was shooting for the paper cranes from the movie but they went for over 1000USD. This time however I got the winning bid on one of 3 dog tags from Batou. Pretty much the only thing I could afford and liked. Still, an awesome addtion to my collection, if their payment system actually starts working … .

I hope it doesn’t slip through my fingers because of some stupid problem…

EDIT: Paid for and will ship soon! I will take pics once it arrived :smiley:


A new Febi Bilstein screen wash pump. Mine is virtually kaput, noticed it was only spraying half as powerfully as normal on windscreen & a trickle on the rear & pump was making a “fuck I’m struggling” vuuuuurrr noise instead of the VRRRRRR (you all know how they sound when working properly) This was start of the week, now it only just hits the windscreen & not a drop from the rear & the pump goes vuuuhhh.

Here’s the best bit though, it’s costing me £14.90 inc £1.99 p+p (to make sure it’s here by Friday to be fitted over the weekend) they are German made & most people say the are more powerful than car manufacturer pumps. IF I’d went genuine Ford, £65 & standard 2nd class delivery (from nigh on every shop/dealer) 65 FECKING QUID!!!


I may be waiting on a Secret Labs Titan chair…

I blame @Reno and @Leepants


WHAT DID I DO? also caps lock


Had me looking at Secret Labs chairs… then Pnats got one. Now I’m waiting on mine :smiley:


Time to look sort of professional when I’m djing as I’ve a few weddings to do



Is it really just so you can have your bits out while you DJ? :grinning:


Maybe. Though it is seethrough and back lit so it would make a nice silhouette.


Bring it to CAOLAND2020?


Would take up too much room that is meant for beer.


Deichkind - Befehl Von Ganz Unten LP from Discogs.

Leider Geil.


I was thinking that exact thing!


Needed a new mouse.

The alternative was the Proteus g502


I got a 700 taht I had for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages - love it :slight_smile:

But yours looks fancier, tbh, with what I assume to be adjustable (forward and backwards) buttons!! Nice


Not sure about the adjustable forward buttons, but seeing as it’s taken me 5 minutes to figure out how to turn off the bloody lighting you may be right :slight_smile:
I was disappointed that the cable isn’t braided but this is more than made up by the fact it’s a detachable usb , the cable has been the cause of death for many of my old mice


P.s That wasn’t me making a mess on the floor in the photo at the prospect of buying even more stuff for my machine