What have you just bought?


G502 is a great mouse! Hope this serves you well.


Another original print of one of my favourite artists. Its a Chun-Li, with Cammy and Morrigan by Cre.O.N. , look at that smile, HOW could I not?


Couple of gifts for Kate for our anniversary on Sunday.

She’s a difficult bugger to buy for now, hard thinking of new and surprising stuff to buy and do for/with her after 13 years!


Wow I forgot to post…

Last month, I brought my wifey some flowers

Was a bit like these but white roses only

to celebrate 25 years of marriage


Just as long as you only forgot to post it and not forgot the actual date of the anniversary :):rofl:


When you find the subtle vagaries of insipid, un-noticeable influence of advertising creep into your awareness…Gin


Return flights to Amsterdam for 3 nights in June! Woohoo. And of course hotel to stay in while there.


I’m drunk on Ryan


well I took every ones opinion in to account… just paid the deposit for my new (its got 8000 miles on it) Citroen C4 Cactus 1.2 PureTech [130] Flair 5dr 2018 (18) car :smiley:


Some new vinyl of mine and kate’s minus the Totoro soundtrack that hasn’t arrived yet:

Some new additions to the boardgame collection minus Blamespace which I pick up tomorrow:

Big box is the Carcassonne complete collection which was a steal but needs the English instructions printing. The big purple box is an expansion for Arcadia quest that adds a bunch of cool new stuff. The small purple box is an expansion for Five Minute Dungeon I forgot I kicked.


Corsari K70 MK2 with cherry brown switches and a M65 Elite mouse.


Technically I didn’t buy these… But yeah :slight_smile:




I have the exact same speakers - lets F%@K!!!


Same! Kate too!!!

I love them, upgraded from my touchscreen Z10s after they started getting frighteningly hot.