What have you just bought?


a sit/stand desk.

Deliver Estimate was friday or Monday. The top arrived on Thursday. I mailed asking when the frame would arrive, and was told Wednesday. It’s out for delivery now, on Tuesday.

I don’t think you can actually give worse delivery estimates than ALL THE DAYS THE THING ISN’T ARRIVING. There are 5 weekdays. they picked 60% of them, to deliver one parcel, sent it as two, and still missed all of them.


A t-shirt for Elica :roll_eyes::joy::joy:


@Angelclaws - are you picking up Sims 4 Strangeville?

If you are, where are you grabbing it from? - CDkeys and Greenman don’t seem to have it.


I haven’t even seen it tbh, although I can play games on my laptop its a little small lol. I shall have a look though… (damn you lol)

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This little beauty has pro-longed the life of my AKRacing Pro gaming chair! Thought I was going to have to fork out another £300 on a SecretLab chair but £20 for this should give me another year or two out of the AK which is now 3 years old.


Another 3 statues for my SF collection, all are made by Kotobukiya. In my point of view one of the best figure makers out there. Only missing Sakura, Mika and Poison, not a huge fan of them though…

  • Cammy in her original outfit
  • Cammy in her newer Alpha outfit
  • Juri


I see they’ve already rotated to their summer outfits :sweat_smile:


If you ever come across a good model of the spider-tank from the end of Ghost in the Shell, please let me know!


I’m keeping an eye out already. So far the only ones I saw where the typical Tachi- and Fuchikomas as well as the Spidertank from the SAC eppisode. No sight of the Movie one yet! Every now and then there are some custom builds coming up but nothing mass produced!
What about this one?

There is a summer special “catalog” coming out each year, I happen to own 2016 and 2018. You wouldn’t belief how much fewer cloth they can wear. Equal opportunity for the guys too if that peaks your interest :smiley: . Funny enough, for Chun-Li it makes barely any difference. Bikini top with some sort of skirt and rollerblade boots. Some of the ingame costumes are very skimpy.


New mouse as my steel series rival decided it wanted to catch light so fuck that amazon replaced it :smiley:


i want to like your post, but i’m using a steelseries rival…

is this something i should worry about enough to chance a THIRD logi g502?


we had the same one if i rember the 500? had the stupid rumble feedback in it? i’ve seen a few posts about them mine was getting very hot when not being used :S


Really didn’t want to, but got myself an XB1 controller for PC usage, also battery pack, charge dock thingy.

Oh also got this for £17 yesterday in lighting sale


Yeah i thought it might have been. I have all the vibration stuff disabled, except for the button to change DPI so i notice if i accidentally hit it, so the motors will barely have run.

good to know just in case; will probably give the g502 with the newer sensor a go at some point. bet they haven’t fixed the same thing that broke on the last two :rage: and i’ll have the same conundrum again in another 12-18 months.





Even though my desk could do with looking a bit prettier, the orchid is for mothers bday :sweat_smile:


I purchased that same audio cable last month. Works well. As a cable. Which is handy.


Bought some fancy leather stamps from etsy for making tooling marks in leather. I bought some commercial ones but wasn’t impressed. These are handmade by a guy in Bulgaria it seems and most people in the leather working group seems to like them.

Got dragon scales, and 2 weave stamps. Two are in steel the other in brass!


Bought myself a treat because its payday and I feel really down at the moment:


Primus - Brown Album original pressing (1997).

Top five most expensive vinyls I’ve ever bought. It’ll be worth it for that bass guitar goodness though.


Slap that bass. Best be lying those vinyls down on tissue paper.

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