What have you just bought?


Original as in one of his original designs from back when or a comission?

Either way that is awesome!


Original work by Gibbons from 1996 I think, or whenever Necromunda: Outlanders was released.

The original measures 11" x 7" and is ink & pencil on board.


That is awesome!!


Just picked up WWE2k18 (yes im a wrestling fan) for 15 quid as it was 75% off on steam. 42gb download!! Holy fuck!!


He probably has the most interesting story out of all the characters, although Amos is an interesting fellow! can’t wait for season 4 though!


That would be pretty badass on the wall now to be fair!


It would be nice to have an original piece of art, whether or not it’s to others liking is beyond my limit of fuck-giving :smiley:


I am tempted to pick up all the books, just to see if they have more on Amos.

Best fucking character in the series.


Decided for a size downgrade, but a power upgrade:



That’ll be a nice little setup!


My NZXT 810 and full custom WC rig is a bit too big and just not where my interest is anymore. CPUs a fast enough now not to need OC unless it’s your bag, man.



I’m actually becoming tempted to downsize my case from the behemoth of the 800D to something smaller.

After just laying out several grand for farm stuff, I’ll hold off on anything now for quite some time.


Girl you know it’s true. Ooh ooh ooh.


So want a Ryzen chip in a workstation. 6 core, 12 thread, 65w TDP for £149 is a frickin’ bargain.


I have no idea what you just said :slight_smile:


3 litres of gearbox fluid. £83 delivered. :disappointed_relieved:


That AM4 Mortar Mobo that you purchased @n0tch got reviewed on bit-tech:

Seems to have faired well - with the only negatives being that it doesn’t have as many heatsinks or RGBs (oh, yay) as the Gigabyte equivalent… which also costs more.

The idle power usage chart seems a bit iffy though… I can’t imagine it draws that much power compared to other mobos.

All-in-all, a really good buy it seems.


A kettle.

Rock and indeed, roll. :neutral_face:


Yeah, wasn’t really fussed about RGB.


Cannae beat a good cuppa! :smiley: