What have you just bought?


Got a new pair of earpads for my sennheiser HDR 170 headset. The backs clip in and the plastic broke(again)…


Is tr00

moar characterzzzzzzzzzzz


Anyone recommend any wireless headphones for PC gaming ?


Kinda depends on budget tbh.

I’ve got the first gen Corsair, and @Angelclaws has the second gen. Mine are great, albeit held together by sellotape from abuse and misuse.

These are the latest version:

I’d buy Corsair again when I need a new pair.

If you want want something that is better than PC Gaming standards, then I’m sure @adrock can recommend some real headphones, but they’ll probably not come with a mic.


Cheers Jester, i looking for Wireless ones so when The Pug decides to claw at my legs when im at the PC she doesnt pull my headphones off ! lol


Sorry, thought they were the wireless ones (me and hayley’s are wireless)

Just click the tab on the right of the listing to the wireless set… or click on this:


Oooo now they look lush :slight_smile:
Cheers Dude…playing BF V beta tonight matey?


nah mate, giving it a miss.


A fertiliser spreader! Oh yeah, rock & roll! :smiley:

Now to buy €500 worth of fertiliser :confused: Fuck farming is expensive, even for a ‘hobby’ farmer like me. I’m pissing money.


where’s the dislike button… have to do with a frowny face :frowning:

I should be online for a game


New PC built.

New photo by Bevan Johnson

It’s all very simple. Great case, the Corsair Air 240.


i still love my 540, i’m not sure i’ll ever want to go back to having psu, drives and cabling all in the same compartment as everything else.

I don’t know what i bought but they’d better be good!


wow, so it was actually three separate parcels, all with exactly the same charge on them.

TurboKid soundtrack, because analogue synths and Conan inspiration.

Dialect: a game about language and how it dies.

Sign: a game about being understood.

The latter is based around the case of deaf children in nicaragua, a country with no recognised sign language, and how they spontaneously developed their own.


If you want something fancier then get a desk microphone and some sennheiser wireless headphones. I have the HDR 170s, had them for years and still working perfectly. Got those when I got sick and tired of the cables(mainly when drunk and forgetting to take them off when going for a smoke). Just replaced some of the pads(as mentioned earlier in this tread).


Rent the thing out when you are done.


Tshirts have finally arrived 27 days after ordering them!

Recently though:

  • Tau army starter box
  • Tyranid Army starter box
  • First Strike box (Plague marines and Smurfs)
  • Box of Thousand Sons Rubric marines for Kate
  • 200 2mm magnets
  • 14 28mm scale alien heads for my Necromunda gang
  • Fallout 4 season pass

And a high-vis jacket for work because the head says he can’t spot staff on duty during breaks and the jackets they’ve bought in A) Don’t fit me and B) Are shared amongst all staff…so no thanks to that.


GFX card had plenty of room afterall :slight_smile:


n0tch looking good and I see you have one of the 380s as well. A bit of gpu sag there. Have a look at this for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOXYE3hx_JY&ab_channel=JayzTwoCents


Yah adrock got to love the 540. One sitting right next to me here.


Couple of little tanks that looked a bit on the cartoon side. Thought they would be different to make up when i get some time :slight_smile: