What have you just bought?


Black Panther 4K for £13.99 :grimacing:



i needed a game that would last a long time and no stress ( i got the game in english i just like the Jap box art way better)


£24.99 I do already own The Martian and Kingsman but my Martian isn’t the extended edition and this one is. So I am going to trade my copy of The Martian and Kingsman along with my copy of The Shallows (which I got for £8, trade in is £10) in at CEX and buy Spider-Man Homecoming (4K) and Thor Ragnarok (4K) for £15 after trade in. I do love me some bargains.



as i am a fool who spends money he doesn’t have. second hand on ebay



I miss my 3DS. How many have you got now Reno?


this will be my 3rd :S


2x3TB WD red drives


a new coat, super comfy too :smiley: and a hell of a lot of fabric :joy::joy:


A lotto ticket and a 4-pack of beer.


Exchanged a few more bits at Cex and added Atomic Blonde (4K) and Kingsman The Golden Circle (4K) to my order of Spidey and Thor.


After playing God of War, and it leaving me with questions, I got this to read.


Ordered this today:


Fenrir. That is all.


Really? Like, plastic wolfies?


Nah, that Hammy should read about Fenrir, the daemon-child of Loki.


Oooooh I thought you’d bought yourself some Space Wolves!


£280 - 2nd hand EVGA 1070 GTX SC ordered so hopefully back gaming by end of next week :slight_smile:


Good good. Not a bad price for that.


Some peecee parts! fizz


Bought this, maybe not the most powerfull, but i needed to get back into gaming on the pc and needed the mobility to move around the house :slight_smile:

And i needed something to play BFV on

specs: (the basics)

17inch screen
Intel i7 : 7700HQ
16 GB SO-DIMM DDR4-240
6 gb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060