What have you just bought?


Picked up a couple of vinyls:

  • Bathory - Nordland I, II
  • Kovenant - Nexus Polaris

I’ve been stairing at Nexus Polaris on Discogs for bloody ages and finally decided ‘what the hell?’.


oh discogs, is there any day you can’t tempt me with something.

i picked up the rick and morty soundtrack, the marc bolan home recordings series and the man with the iron fists soundtrack.


Kovenant is good


100 meters of polypropylene webbing :joy:


Battlechasers Nightwar on GoG for £9.99 with art by Joe Madureira who is amazing, game is a RPG type thing comabt simular to FFX with some coll little touches


That actually looks really cool. Reminds me of Silver from waaaaay back when.


So, I didn’t want to jinx the chances of this actually going through until I made payment, but I just bought my first piece of original art! :smiley:

I’ve bought the original concept art from Mark Gibbons (formerly of Games Workshop fame), who was one of my favourite artists when I was growing up. I absolutely adored his style and the Malcadon he created is utterly iconic to me :slight_smile:

So, after shitting myself for a few days over the sheer lavish expense of this, I’ve pulled the trigger…

Now I await shipping of this:


Congrats! Its absolutely stunning to hold something in your hands by someone who is not only a master of his craft but also who you adore and an original non the less. Everytime I see my prints from Motoko from the GITS exhibition in Osaka it puts a smile on my face, pretty sure yours will do the same, but its a level higher! I simply can’t affort an original piece of Masamune Shirow, bit out of my price range :wink: .


I am fucking ecstatic about getting this and it will be mounted on the wall of my own place with the utmost pride :blush:


I have leant a bloke I hardly know £50 so he can put a deposit on a new RC car. Cos I’m a good egg like that :smiley:


Cal that is si Feckin epic. You git :grin:

There are meny pics I loved looking through white dwarf when I read them. There is one of a reaver Titan but can’t remember who did it. Will have to go find it. I even drew a load of them back at school when I was sort of OK at drawing


Mark Gibbons did that one too, and the Warhound picture as well :smiley:

You mean these?

Hell man, contact him, he might still have them for sale. :slight_smile:


Yep them the ones :drooling_face:


His artwork is one of the reasons I don’t like the current Reavers, the head just looks wrong on the models.

Also, the same can be said for the warhound. His portrayal of it just makes it soooo much more dynamic and badass.


Some metal lacquer for the train restoration. Evil stuff, but should stop the brass parts and track from oxidising and discolouring over time.

Heading to get paints and other bits later this week… Will do an update on the other thread soon.


so i’ve just brought this Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series laptop with a 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor and a AMD Radeon™ 530 Graphics card
this will be replacing my desktop in the near future :slight_smile:


AND a GPU? You getting a dock or something?


that was my typing error… and a AMD Radeon™ 530 Graphics card is included in the laptop :rofl:


Ahhh ok, I was going to ask you to write something telling us what its like!


Like I know anything about that type of stuff :rofl::rofl: