What have you just bought?


A new mug :slight_smile:


As said in previous thread…

Now just gotta earn the pennies for BF V and FM2019


2 tickets to go see Mastodon in January :slight_smile:

I’ve missed them twice before, I’m not missing them again.


In the middle of the week no thanks… Was going to say to you to get some pints, but its a working day.


I’m not missing a chance to see them again. I’ll arrange it with work so that I’m on the road the day before and after.

Yeah, being a work night sucks, but doing the same next week when I go to see Slayer :smiley:


Another year of War Thunder Premium, because it’s half-price at the moment :slight_smile:

Used one of Phly Daily’s links, so got 3% off the sale and got his emblem too :smiley:


I did the same, only 180 days though :slight_smile:


Absolutely not much.

However, work bonus and back pay are in at midnight. Ima go fekin mental :smiley:

I have a list:- Division, chair, shirts, suit, dental hygienist, jeans, tea, face stuff, Evo subscription, work shoes.

I may well be hungry this time next week…


@Reno is to blame for the chair thing. This bad boy - https://secretlabchairs.co.uk/collections/omega-series#omega_2018-royal

Suit / shirts are gonna be from TM Lewin in their clearance bit, shoes prolly from schuh in clearance bit. Jeans are pricey… - https://hiutdenim.co.uk/products/selvedge-denim-worka-2014 but “once in a lifetime”. Probably!

Yeh, I did gud in werk.

O and anyone wanna buy a Volvo DERV S80? Ideal comfy mile eater…


Best way to do it, is save up Golden Eagles from challenges (you might get them every 14 days from logins).

There is always a sale at some point during the year. Then, buy eagles, just enough to get you the required amount for a full year.

In the 1,400 odd days I’ve played, I’ve never paid the full whack for premium.


@Reno @Leepants Interested in how you find the chair as the lift in my current one has started to die, and their’s are compatible with monstertech.de mounts.


Well that just got added to the ‘man-cave must-have’ list! :open_mouth:


Yeh, that’s pretty fancy :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


i want them for VR Elite Dangerous so i can just sit in my chair and not have to be at the desk. I have a jury rigged solution right now (pole-clamp VESA TV mounts, command strips). They do plates for my hotas, so i’m fine on that front, and i didn’t buy them a year ago because my chair was fine. well the chair is a bit fucked now…


I have a ricketty Viking office supply chair that’s seen enough of my ass.

I also don’t get to use my X55 Rhino HOTAS because of the continued USB issues and no space on the desk. This could be a good solution for when I have my own place :slight_smile:



Yas. Got me my Origin premier access. ready for BFV. @adrock you got Fifa 19? might have to get that installed.


Nice one Scotty! Ready for Anthem as well :slight_smile:


Getting a Ryzen 1200, a new B450 AM4 mobo and 8GB of DDR4 RAM delivered tomorrow. Bit of a side-grade to my current setup… but the mobo is good and will last a while - and I can change to a better chip like a 2700X or something down the line. Just needed to get on the DDR4 bandwagon.

Goodbye 2600K. You have served me well. You’re still a fantastic chip

Ryzen 1200 chip is only about £80 on Amazon at the moment. Total build is just over £200 - which will be paid for by selling various bits and spares I have lying around.


Picked up Agents of Mayhem because it was £6.06 and grabbed the War of the Chosen DLC on Humble.


Ryzen 3 build complete.

It’s amazing how things that are important to you change with time. I didn’t want a motherboard that with so many RGB LEDs it looked like it was ready for a weekend at a pride march. This seems to be a common trend at the moment across all boards.

But what I did want was a mobo that was able to control my fans properly. This one does - and now I can experience the true silent of my Noctua fans. My case is silent. I love it :slight_smile:

That ticks off one of my ‘Mac’ loves in favour of ‘PC’. I could be coming back to the master race. :stuck_out_tongue: