What have you just bought?

I wouldn’t say I’m avid!!! But it’s a form of exercise that I enjoy :slight_smile: And having had first little ride on it yesterday, it’s ridiculous. My cube isn’t “slow”, but bloody hell, this thing is easy to move! The assist is also bonkers. You can’t tell it’s working - it just flattens out uphill bits! I would hasve been off and pushing (or absolutely breathing out of my arse and then stopping) at onhe little sharp climb on my route yesterday. Nope. Up it. Yep, a bit of “breathing” but not dying! And that wasn’t in biggest assist. Bonkers.


Got my misses a ebike a few years back. Every time we go out for a ride she is always powering off and asking why im out of breath going up the hills :hot_face: :rage:



:bulb: :grin:


I can confirm AliExpress came through, and my CTRL key was delivered and fits perfectly.


Small unit for PS5 finally arrived, also installed new bias lights (Obvs can’t see atm)


It’s not quite cold enough for a full wetsuit but it’s too cold for nothing wetsuit-y most swims now, so i’ve bought one of these as a compromise.

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Finally my AMD mouse mat arrived. The GPU was a freebie.


Nice. How much did you pay for the mouse mat? Was looking at this myself. Trying to resist till prices maybe ever come down. Ever.

MSRP from AMD Direct. Was hoping to get a 6800 XT but after trying for 6 months battling AMD’s queues, this one was in stock so I took the chance.