What have you just bought?


Yeah you wont get away from the RGB lights atm Jes. Pretty much all of the higher range of ASUS all light up and can connect to each other. When you have a mouse, keyboard, motherboard and fans all lighting up the same it looks like the northern lights are around :slight_smile:


Well, @Reno his fekin chair is absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous. I should have waited or pre-ordered the cloth version, mind. But still… CRAZY comfy, crazy adjustable. And this is from me moving from a full on orthopaedic chair. Just yes.


@Leepants worth the price then? i just went with a nice £60 IKEA one :smiley:


To me, yeps. I can’t tell you how comfy it is! I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t for bonus, cos couldn’t have afforded it, though…


Not sure I can justify Origin Premier… Anthem and BFV are the only games of interest and 15 quid a month for around 4 gaming nights a month… a subscription too far


Fair enough @MicJules for me i already pay for the ea access. So i think i got £18 refund on that from my £89 premier cost. So to me thats worth it for BFv alone for what I hope to play for it over a year. I wouldnt pay it monthly No way.


A new rainjacket for the coming winter:



Picked this 3rd Gen Echo Dot up in Amazons pre-week before-pre-black-week-firday sale… £25.

Already had a dot for radio/music/news in morning getting ready n that. Quality of sound on the original wasnt great but for our occasional use was fine. Total impulse buy but the sound quality is fantastic by comparison to the original. So tha is installed upstairs now and have plugged the old one into my Harman Kardan soundsticks in the mancave so got decent sound there now as well.


I didn’t but this but everyone is chipping in to get it for me for my birthday. Was 350 but down to under 200 with black Friday.


That’s a sexy watch.


Been after it for a while. Smart watch that doesn’t always look like a smart watch.


That’s a smart watch? Even cooler!


Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch to go with the phone


Here’s a really unsubtle affiliated link…


Huawei really is a leading brand these days


Missus ordered it last night without telling me. She has to ordered more stuff later. Will get her to us a link.


@Jester Can you do a link for the below please?

thanking you


Return flights to Belgium! :smiley:


You got an Alexa already Hammy?


No mate. Missus is getting this one for her bro for Christmas