What have you played lately?

Played through Assassin’s Creed Rogue and 3 Remaster, now playing The Last of Us again leading up to Part 2 release on Friday.

I had yet another one of those “old man” moments where I realise how much of a dick I am.

Downloaded all 100 gig of Ark:Dino Survival overnight last Friday.
Played it for HOURS a lot of the Saturday, very timidly. Was SO pleased with myself at the end of the day when I managed to train my first Dino, one of those dog sized spitters from Jurassic Park (I had to fight two at a time and through a broken leg to get one unconscious and stuff it’s sleeping gut with meat).
Once I’d achieved this Herculean task I crossed a small pond and thought I’d try and map out a little more of the island rather than just my beach (with beach hut and sleeping bag). Followed a trail up a short rise and got ambushed by what I can only describe as Velociraptors high on crack who made mince meat of me. I respawned and headed back to collect my stuff (which had taken me all day to collect) and got killed by them again. I went back a third time before I noticed that they were level 30 - I was level 10 (yes, after hours of playing lol).

I then decided that what I wanted was “riding dragons”, and what I seemed to be playing was “run away from the lizard dogs”.
Dear reader, it was at this point that I rage un-installed. It took a good couple of days for me realise that, yes, once again, being a dick has been unhelpful.


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Oooo, there is a beta available for Everspace 2 if anyone is interested:


Loved the 1st one altho didnt get too far into it bit that looks lovely

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Gave myself a good hard talking to and re-installed. After getting my little hut smashed to pieces and my little lizard-dog pet eaten by some massive thing with a huge sail on it’s back called a Spinosaur, I had a look for some pointers online. Imagine my surprise at finding that you can actually build your fire inside your thatch hut! Also realising that death is a constant and can be a fun way to explore the more dangerous parts of the map. Think I’ve found a small, secure plateau than I’ll try and clear for a larger base - just need to get rid of all the damn bushes these pesky dino’s leap out at me from.


Hey Spoon,

When you say Ark:Dino Survival just checking we are talking about ARK: Survival Evolved ?

If you are, I have ARK: Survival Evolved in my library which I have not played. I do fancy having a go in Co-op? You up for it?


Xand, how does Ace compare to the older ones? I loved the older ones cos of the arcadey - Ness of them. But I struggling to justify the price at the mo.

I may jump on to boats in war chunder, if I do I may request some assistance to short cut my not-sucking-so-much, kplzthx

Sure am, to both! As usual my play times are random and varied, but having a friend does bring benefits - sharing resources will be great. I’m still getting to grips with the basics but enjoying exploring and grinding through the skill tree. How do we hook up? I assume one of us hosts?

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I have it as well. Never played.

The new one is very good! Very similar to old ones, feels just like the PS2 era ones.

I would try to find it for cheap though, its excellent but not worth a full 50 quid.

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Yeh, agreed other price.


Cd keys, 17.50.:grin:

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I am not sure. I am in the minute of downloading the game, so I will have a look later tonight.

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So after mucking about with the settings and doing a little google searching it looks like using the Epic platform means we’re limited in use. The intent within the game is to set up and use a non-dedicated server for friends, but Epic users can’t get onto passworded servers. There is an option to invite friends from Steam - you need their steam ID number - but as it’s being run via the Epic system I don’t know if that will work.

@n0tch and anyone else interested in this (sorry, I’m at work scrabbling for time, need to see who it was that was really into this a while back) it’s basically Minecraft with Dinosaurs, less fluff and more grind and blood. And Dinosaurs. Also, I’d completely forgotten about the Tek aspect of it until I came across a Tek Dino, who I am racing to tame…


Are there any dinosaurs in it?


I will be on tonight if you fancy trying to connect. Around 20:00hrs.

FM2019 - see other thread for the ZiiP game.

Nothing else

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Credits just rolled on The Last of Us Part 2… Absolutely phenomenal.