What have you played lately?


I’m tempted with that one. Just after seeing this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvFqG2wfJco&ab_channel=Fugglet
Jump to 10:35


A Mech ???!!?!


I think he might mean the explosive diarrhoea at about 11:30.


Yep that is it.


Just finished Wolfenstein The New Colossus. Amazing game! But ridiculous difficulty spike at the end, purely cause it’s the end, I fucking hate that! But yeah great game!


Just completed Spider-Man to 100% Wow what a fun game! Not only fun, but a bloody amazing story too, it has that level of YES AND WOW that I’ve come to expect and love about PlayStation exclusives. Can’t wait to see what the three dlc stories bring! There has to be a sequel lined up for the next PS, especially considering it sold 3.3M copies in the first 3 days!


Just played demos for Tetris Effect and Astro Bot Rescue mission on PSVR. Both amazing, never thought that Tetris in VR would be so cool! And Astro Bot is very much like a 3D Mario game in VR, what’s not to love!


I’m still playing Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion and Overwatch

They really did fix the former game with that expansion, holy shit! Great stuff.


I’m re-playing Alien Isolation on nightmare mode :slight_smile:

I loved my first playthrough and it has been a few years so I have frorgotten some sections of the game making it more of a challenge!

Only died once so far to a nasty bish human who shot Amanda, the alien has not killed me…yet! :rofl:

I’m also amused by the fact that with all the settings cranked to ultra at 1920x1200 its only using about 20% GPU on my new system :rofl: