What have you played lately?

I’m tempted with that one. Just after seeing this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvFqG2wfJco&ab_channel=Fugglet
Jump to 10:35

A Mech ???!!?!

I think he might mean the explosive diarrhoea at about 11:30.


Yep that is it.

Just finished Wolfenstein The New Colossus. Amazing game! But ridiculous difficulty spike at the end, purely cause it’s the end, I fucking hate that! But yeah great game!


Just completed Spider-Man to 100% Wow what a fun game! Not only fun, but a bloody amazing story too, it has that level of YES AND WOW that I’ve come to expect and love about PlayStation exclusives. Can’t wait to see what the three dlc stories bring! There has to be a sequel lined up for the next PS, especially considering it sold 3.3M copies in the first 3 days!

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Just played demos for Tetris Effect and Astro Bot Rescue mission on PSVR. Both amazing, never thought that Tetris in VR would be so cool! And Astro Bot is very much like a 3D Mario game in VR, what’s not to love!

I’m still playing Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion and Overwatch

They really did fix the former game with that expansion, holy shit! Great stuff.


I’m re-playing Alien Isolation on nightmare mode :slight_smile:

I loved my first playthrough and it has been a few years so I have frorgotten some sections of the game making it more of a challenge!

Only died once so far to a nasty bish human who shot Amanda, the alien has not killed me…yet! :rofl:

I’m also amused by the fact that with all the settings cranked to ultra at 1920x1200 its only using about 20% GPU on my new system :rofl:


And the credits roll for Days Gone, still got some side stuff to clear, but throughly enjoyed that! What I think was the last half of the game proper grabbed me by the balls, I think I played 4-5 hours a time.


I got red dead 2. Have to say love the pace of the game. Not as mad as GTA but something nice about just taking your horse out, hunting some dear and then maybe Rob a bank.


I was meaning to get into Red Dead proper after playing a lot of The Division, ended up playing ass creed odyssey. Finished it last night, and I got to say its one of my favourite games in ages. Got a fair amount of teething issues but the story has been, the world is amazing to explore and its just a hell of an adventure. Lives up to its subtitle proper.

Definitely recommended, and in terms of bang for buck one of the best value games I’ve played.

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Last 2 assassin’s creed games have been brilliant. Rumours of another one very soon base in a Viking setting


Played a bit of the WWZ lately. Got it as it was on the epic store sale. Good fun, definitely would not have paid the full price for that as there is not enough content.

Finished the final Walking Dead season :cry:

Also went back to get the platinum trophy for Days Gone and eradicate the world of the hordes.

Now to fully concentrate on Nier Automata

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Manged to properly get into Red Dead 2. I’m still blown away by the world, the detail and the atmosphere.

Been playing in First person mode and it feels marginally tighter and better to play. The double barrelled is shockingly violent to use. Looting a headless corpse in first person is actually a “oh fuck I did that” moment.

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Was thinking the other night while playing just how pretty a game it is! Though trying to kill a rabbit to get s perfect coat is doing my head in

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I must have spent 2 hours last night hunting deer. It was fun as fuck. I am going for the legendary buck in the ruined forest in the northwest, and the atmosphere is nuts.

There’s rural woodland mountain areas behind my old town in Neath, and remember camping up there repeatedly. The sounds of creaking trees, animals rustling and distant bird calls were EXACTLY like that as they were in Red Dead.

I do think the upgrading is a bit annoying but at least its fitting - you have to find the perfect animal (Which you can check via binoculars or aiming at them) and use the right weapon. So its not TOO time consuming. Apart from all the travelling I suppose.

I’m near the end of the story (which is fucking amazing) and only real upgrades I’ve done are to my belts and holsters. Not touch my bag. You could complete the story without upgrading.

I’ve found myself losing an hour just fishing in game. Hunted 4 or 5 legendary animals and caught 4 or 5 legendary fish. I love the random side missions as well. Game for me is just full of stuff. Brilliant

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Nothing too crazy on my list. Warframe as a constant on and off, Apex Legends and Division 2 a bit lately. The latter for unlocking the new specilisation. Its quite a few phases to get there, but so far nothing too outrageous. I revisited Destiny 2 last weekend, its actually quite enjoyable now. The gameplay is as solid as always and the monetisation is good now.

Other than that a bunch of fighters to test my custom arcade stick and the new hitbox, so everything from SF5, MK11 and DBFighters. Might sprinkle in some DoA6. Especially this weekend will be lots of fighters as I finish my stick off. Some soldering tonight to get the new buttons in.