What have you played lately?

Finished Spiderman on PS4. Absolutely loved it. Now moving on to Detroit Become Human, for something completely different.


I’ve been giving Final Fantasy XV another try given it a second Chance im still mehh. Getting into Final Fantasy XII like that better. And some Rainbow Six : Siege on the xbox one and really enjoyed it weird i know.

Squad & Hell Let Loose, join me!

Facebook - Scatter Hold’em poker

Just completed Empire and Napoleon Total War (again) for another year.

I need a HD update of those games.

Finished Detroit: Become Human. Heavy stuff at times but I loved it.
Just a little tired of the only female android of the bunch finding her purpose in finding a family and being like a mother.

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Mad Max… seems ok, just a bit repetitive.

Game+ on Steam World Heist.

Need to find another turn-based game for the Switch, it works so well!

I had a look at “Hardcore Mecha” yesterday via somewhereorother, looks like fun. Might pick it up.

Video is unlisted. But I’m getting better slowly… Not sure why the POV seems off, or what happened with the sync at start… Considering the PS Move controllers are PS3 tech they are still very impressive.

Played Resi Evil 0 HD and Resi Evil HD … Well I didn’t complete Zero cause of the stupid fucking item management… yeah it’s nice to be able to drop things… But not having the item box was a complete cunt of a move… Gonna have a Resi break then move onto Resi Evil 2 Remake.

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Just finished Blair Witch… Jesus fucking christ… I tend to not play first person horrors, but I was engrossed… at one point I screamed like I never have before… The atmosphere is great (well terrifying) It’s a slow start, but well worth… If you have Game Pass for PC, I highly recommend it.


Started RE 2 Remake… Good lord, the HDR too damn… Also playing using headphones with real time binaural setting on… eeek. 6 bullets 3 zambies.



The only game I have been playing recently is The Messenger :slight_smile:

I LOVE it and the soundtrack is amazeballz!

My daughter is playing a lot of Overwatch and I’m playing nothing but Red Dead Redemption 2 right now…


No idea where to stick this, not sure a new thread is needed, but might be of interest to some. Looks fun;