What have you played lately?

Just playing COD:Modern Warfare but will be downloading COD:WWII soon.

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Currently playing Sekiro (getting absolutely destroyed), Jedi:fallen order (being a complete jerk to poor helpless stormtroopers standing by cliffs) and blood bowl 2.


I blasted though the FF7 remake and loved it. Now im back to working on all the DLC for Assassins creed odyssey


Battletech, it took a while to get into but once you’ve got the gist of the combat its a real good stompy mech game ^^


This is one i still need to finish off


I gave in and booted up Elder Scrolls online again, right in time for their last free weekend.

Enjoyed the Morrowind expansion/chapter so much, I bought the whole game a second time because the Elsweyr game pack on deal included base game + three chapters for 14 euros. If you already had a copy of the base game (like I did), you could only buy chapter ‘upgrades’ at around 20 euros a piece. Had to make a new account and new character but it’s worth it for that money.

Gotta say, the game is at its best when I can forget it’s an mmo and can just stroll around Morrowind and Vvardenfell.


How are you finding BB2? Turns out I suck at it so I rarely play it anymore. Come to think of it, it’s almost like I’ve given up on being challenged!! :smile: :smile:

I’m really enjoying blood bowl 2. Just playing online with two friends in a mini league. It’s a great game when you’re on a run of luck and absolutely hilarious when you’re luck turns. In my last match my friend rolled skulls, re rolled and got skulls again, and his player died. That was the first move of the game, things didn’t get any better for him


Once your finished with the campaign, or are a little bored, I recommend trying out the rogue tech mod for the game

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Played through Assassin’s Creed Rogue and 3 Remaster, now playing The Last of Us again leading up to Part 2 release on Friday.

I had yet another one of those “old man” moments where I realise how much of a dick I am.

Downloaded all 100 gig of Ark:Dino Survival overnight last Friday.
Played it for HOURS a lot of the Saturday, very timidly. Was SO pleased with myself at the end of the day when I managed to train my first Dino, one of those dog sized spitters from Jurassic Park (I had to fight two at a time and through a broken leg to get one unconscious and stuff it’s sleeping gut with meat).
Once I’d achieved this Herculean task I crossed a small pond and thought I’d try and map out a little more of the island rather than just my beach (with beach hut and sleeping bag). Followed a trail up a short rise and got ambushed by what I can only describe as Velociraptors high on crack who made mince meat of me. I respawned and headed back to collect my stuff (which had taken me all day to collect) and got killed by them again. I went back a third time before I noticed that they were level 30 - I was level 10 (yes, after hours of playing lol).

I then decided that what I wanted was “riding dragons”, and what I seemed to be playing was “run away from the lizard dogs”.
Dear reader, it was at this point that I rage un-installed. It took a good couple of days for me realise that, yes, once again, being a dick has been unhelpful.


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Oooo, there is a beta available for Everspace 2 if anyone is interested:


Loved the 1st one altho didnt get too far into it bit that looks lovely

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Gave myself a good hard talking to and re-installed. After getting my little hut smashed to pieces and my little lizard-dog pet eaten by some massive thing with a huge sail on it’s back called a Spinosaur, I had a look for some pointers online. Imagine my surprise at finding that you can actually build your fire inside your thatch hut! Also realising that death is a constant and can be a fun way to explore the more dangerous parts of the map. Think I’ve found a small, secure plateau than I’ll try and clear for a larger base - just need to get rid of all the damn bushes these pesky dino’s leap out at me from.


Hey Spoon,

When you say Ark:Dino Survival just checking we are talking about ARK: Survival Evolved ?

If you are, I have ARK: Survival Evolved in my library which I have not played. I do fancy having a go in Co-op? You up for it?


Xand, how does Ace compare to the older ones? I loved the older ones cos of the arcadey - Ness of them. But I struggling to justify the price at the mo.

I may jump on to boats in war chunder, if I do I may request some assistance to short cut my not-sucking-so-much, kplzthx

Sure am, to both! As usual my play times are random and varied, but having a friend does bring benefits - sharing resources will be great. I’m still getting to grips with the basics but enjoying exploring and grinding through the skill tree. How do we hook up? I assume one of us hosts?

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I have it as well. Never played.