What have you played lately?

Hows Wastelands holding up dude? Is there many on? Super bases and OP jets still kicking about? I was thinking about a wee blast of this the other day.

Going to get back into Division 2 for a bit, feel like shooting stuff

Hi ya Scotty, the other night there was 40, others 15…its still popular.
I’m camping in Linhaven and there are no Bases there.
There are still groups that hunt together
The money i had in the Bank and vehicle stored still are there ! lol

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Completed Oddworld Soulstorm and sad to say that I hated it by the end, purely due to the hard for the sake of hard moments, bullshit checkpoints and clumsy controls… :frowning:

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Just finished Resident Evil 7… Yes I know, it was out 4 years ago, but I’m a chicken!

Incredible game, even if It did make me shit my pants multiple times haha. Looking forw…ha who am I kidding, I’ll play Village(8) and cry while doing so.

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Maquette; Mind bending narrative puzzle game, played via PS+ monthly title, wouldn’t have bought it unless a few quid, but not a bad game. Recommended if on sale.

Just finished a 100% playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda, racked up nearly 200 hours which is apparently every bad reviews bug bear with it, IMO it was too short, i’d like another few hundred hours of stuff please.

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It was a great game, sad that will never see that story continue.

Just started this, great tempo, great atmosphere;


I love that game, just amazing! and scares the living hell outta me! Ive not completed it, I can only play a bit at a time… then I have to stop as I can hear my heart…


Exactly the same. Love it, but hate it.


Just bought Steel Division2 - Eugen games, WW2 based along the lines of Wargame. It’s currently got 50%+ off on Steam.

Is complex, but fun!

Ok, I’m in this boat now as well lol

Doesn’t help when there are alarms going off everywhere and you’re trying to sneak past half a dozen synthetics…

Mario+Rabids Kingdom on the Switch. The game is far better than it has any right to be for such an odd concept, I can’t put it down. Who’d have thought Mario XCOM would be so good?

The characters are varied, the skills tree is interesting and actually useful, really nicely done complimentary chainable abilities, there is decent enough variety to weapons, the way you can use the environmental hazards and the enemy behaviour to your advantage is really fun, all wrapped in a Mario game that still has puzzles and exploring.

Worth every penny.


Well. Based on that brief review @vredesbyrd I purchased this from Argos for Hayley as a little present.

Not actually played it yet because it arrived at around 9pm - gave Hayley the box… opened it… and it was a friggin download code. Now, I know all about code-in-a-box scenarios… but this just got my goat.

I mean a big plastic box is made, probably made in another country, shipped to the UK on a big polluting container ship, shipped from the port by lorry to a distribution hub, shipped again to store. Then when ordered, stuck in a van to travel 10 miles to my house. Remove the plastic shrink wrap and find somewhat disappointingly that there is only a bit of paper with a code on it.

And we’re supposed to be saving the planet? Ironically, even with all those etc overheads it was still 10 quid cheaper than the Nintendo eShop…

Still. Game looks ace. :slight_smile:


Initial thoughts on Steel Division 2 - the control mechanism and Unit AI is a LOT more polished than Any of the Wargame battles, including Red Dragon. Bad things? Well, I prefer the Units and capabilities of Red Dragon, but starting to find stuff that does similar “dual role” stuff (e.g. air and ground effect in a ground vehicle).

Still fairly early doors and deck building is a bit “restricted” on historical lines, but that’s fair enough as it then keeps the delicate “rock / paper / scissors” balance.

I haven’t tried against actual people yet, though, just against a couple of levels of AI…

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I was ploughing through Mario+Rabids too quickly so to mix it up a bit I picked up ‘Air Conflict: Secret Wars’ for the Switch.

Good fun especially for fans of Ace Combat, though it is a few steps more ‘arcade-y’. Only real gripes are that the dialogue hides the radar when the annoying characters speak, the AI cheats a bit and some of the missions are pretty irritating.

Also, this didn’t bother me, but for others the missions might be a bit samey.

I got it for £5 and it was worth the money to me.

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Finished Secret Wars and decided to grab the Pacific one which was a mistake at full price. Lots of the irritating stuff from Secret Wars has carried over without a lot of the stuff that made it fun.

The irritation nudged me back over to Mario+Rabids which I’ve now completed to around 90%ish. Biig difficulty spikes in the last world, got my arse seriously handed to me in a bunch of battles. Ended up going 17/7 turns on the last battle with one down, two barely alive leaving me at ‘Fair’ rank. Aside from missing one of the patterns from the battle that could have saved me a half dozen turns, I don’t know how the hell I’d get it down to 7/7 turns, let alone less!

Really good fun overall, definitely worth the money and when I’ve dicked around with the post-game content I’ll likely grab the Donkey Kong DLC.

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I finished the first playthrough of Evil Genius a while ago. Generally enjoyed it BUT I really had a hard time with the concept of the traps and how they function when confronted with “Elite” enemies. I found it strange of having traps disabled by them, I might have to dig deeper and maybe one can get around it with better trap combos? All the micromanagement of the base kinda got on my nerves towards the end. The game was unnecessarily elongated a lot in story mode by very boring fetching missions. I hope the developers overthink their position on this because otherwise I enjoyed my time a lot. Ready for a 2nd playthrough at higher difficulty once I find a good trap combo in sand box mode.

I played some Risk of Rain 2 again too as the new anniversary update is out. As always had a massive blast! This game is just so entertaining once you get a good run rolling.

Played more of the Dwarf mining game (Deep Rock Galactic) with some friends from Japan. Still fun, especially with comms and some people doing stupid things. Its a bit too grindy for my taste but I love jumping on it every now and then for a short session.

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Last time I picked this up the difficulty had been ramped waaaaay up and I found it impossible with most characters. Do I just need to git gud or has the difficulty really been adjusted that much?