What have you seen lately?


Looking to binge this when all out.

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I’d be all over this. Sounds like my bag, baby.


i watched the start of this Curfew. Totally lost me. It started curiously with that ambulance driving through the night past the APC to wherever it was going. But then after the credits and into the guy speeding about London in a sports car with scenes speeded up for the effect of speed, I lost it. Turned it off.


Captain marvel is amazing great to see marvel do a hero that my niece and see somthing in her self for insted of the normal male stuff. Brilliant stan lee tribute and cameo and a little nod to kevin smith :smiley:

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Curfew might be short lived for me given the obligatory sean bean death and the fact announcers at the end of the previous episodes have all been talking about how ‘sean bean’s still alive!’ made it apparent he wasn’t going to survive. Why do i need someone to talk over the credits telling me what just happened. Who’s responding to whatever customer feedback/opinion stuff saying that they appreciate or enjoy that shit? i know Sean Bean dies in lot of things; having some Murdochian announcer specifically point it out to me seems utterly fucking pointless. Was it meant to be amusing or funny in some way? Is that where we’re at, where observing something is an acceptable substitute for humour? What fucking Mcintyrannic age are we living in?

I don’t get how people are okay with broadcast TV, it’s an utter clusterfuck. Stop accepting mediocrity that supports social imbalance you fucking goons.


bohemian rhapsody - what a fucking movie!


Love, Death & Robots.

Fucking ace!


Saw that on Netflix the other day and it looked interesting. Might have to watch then


Watching it now.

IMMEDIATELY reminded of Dishonored, has that art style to it. Looks great.

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I am watching ‘Behind the Curve’, and i feel like an utter cunt every time i find these idiots amusing :confused:

edit: seriously though, this guy is talking about how he used an online flight tracker to debunk the spherical earth because he never saw planes going over the oceans. but that data is based on ads-b data so…

edit2: less than 15 minutes until someone claims that the spherical earth ‘hoax’ is part of a larger plan, involving vaccines.

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Earth is a potatoe, seriously what are you guys talking about with that sphere thing?

I actually wanna see that documentation, but its not out yet here in Korea!

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I had to take a break to deal with my ‘you’re a terrible person for laughing at these people that society has clearly failed’ anxiety.

There’s a guy who claims he believes it because he tried to debunk it and couldn’t, and all scientists offered him was math that he couldn’t understand. Like, because he doesn’t get math, nothing math proves can be right. I wonder how they measure all the circles for their maps/clocks/coffee tables with the flat earth model on them…


Captain marvel. Bloody good show I say bloody good show


I think I could not look at that. It would just get me too angry. I have patience for stupid people…


did you know that satellites are held up in the air by balloons, and when someone finds one of the balloons they’re stupid enough to believe it’s a ‘weather balloon’, whatever the fuck that is. it’s all part of the conspiracy.

There’s also this guy who believes in the Infinite Plane, and that he won’t believe in the dome that covers the flat earth until someone can show him the curvature of the sky…

edit: they’re still really stuck on the fact that they have questions ‘science can’t answer’, but the reality appears to be ‘they don’t understand the answer science gives them, because they don’t understand science or maths’.

An astrophysicist and psychiatrist have both asserted that it’s Dunning-Kruger effect.

Another guy called Matt insists Warner Bros has a deal with the Pentagon and the CIA, and that Mark (the previous ‘I’m big in FE circles’ guy) is a WB exec using a fake identity. They only have youtube clips of him because:

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the same people who maintain this round earth hoax are the ones with the agenda of pushing transexuality in the media because they’re trying to turn all guys into girls and all girls into guys. For some fucking reason…


“It’s not the fact they’re hiding the flat earth, it’s that they’re still doing human sacrifice and blood rituals…”

sure it is buddy. sure it is. I have to stop watching again, this is too much like laughing at a freak show.

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This is exactly why we have the darwin awards and why too close relatives should not produce offspring.

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oh it’s okay, it seems they’ve already turned self-destructive:

(that’s the crazy dude Matt, not actual NASA).

For balance, Patricia immediately before this states that if there is another ‘event’ like the boston bombing, she won’t believe it happened unless she gets her own leg blown off.

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Confirmed by Canadian Intel Asset