What have you seen lately?


Honestly mate best think I have watched in years. Actually annoyed I’ve finished it so quick


I am not a fan of this fucking pacing.

It feels like I’m watching Lost - it just isn’t going anywhere any time soon but keeps drip feeding tantalising little nibbles…



I loved the pacing and the way it builds each character


Tonight I took Aerin to see The Kid who would be King - enjoyable but not as good as I was hoping it would be. Came home and discovered that Better Off Dead (yes, the 80’s John Cusack film) is on Youtube, for free, in its entirety, so we all watched that and frankly it’s still a better film. Which is to say it’s really good :+1:


Argh, its got proper Lost syndrome for me, having a hard time enjoying it properly because nothing seems to happen in an episode and I don’t really feel like I learn new things about characters, more like I’m being teased with something new. Enough is enjoyable for me to keep watching but christ its aggravating me!


New series of Strike Back on Sky now! Silent war. 2 episodes in i think. Just watching first one now. @VirulentPip


Yup I have a few episodes on Plex to watch… Been announced that there will be one more after this season and be the final. However they said this last time before a two year break haha


Been watching the Hasahn Minaj Netflix show Patriot Act - really good if you’re into political humour, even if it is mostly (but not entirely) American…


Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse! 4K HDR. Fuck that was incredible, great film!


same as pip fantastic film!! and what a cast!


Last night was Captain Marvel - a little slow in parts but good fun, solid film. Ace Stan Lee nods


Currently watching Curfew on Sky One. Its 21 Days Later meets Running Man.

Set in London, all English cast bar Michael Biehn and Billy Zane.

London is curfew due to “creatures” but there is an illegal race to a designated point - you travel via anything with wheels and an engine. No holds barred race - down to you how you get there - only rule - you have to get there first!

The prize is an escape route to an island, no curfew, no creatures.

Sean Bean stars. All is not what it seems re “the creatures” - I am 3 episodes in and I am enjoying it


Looking to binge this when all out.


I’d be all over this. Sounds like my bag, baby.


i watched the start of this Curfew. Totally lost me. It started curiously with that ambulance driving through the night past the APC to wherever it was going. But then after the credits and into the guy speeding about London in a sports car with scenes speeded up for the effect of speed, I lost it. Turned it off.


Captain marvel is amazing great to see marvel do a hero that my niece and see somthing in her self for insted of the normal male stuff. Brilliant stan lee tribute and cameo and a little nod to kevin smith :smiley:


Curfew might be short lived for me given the obligatory sean bean death and the fact announcers at the end of the previous episodes have all been talking about how ‘sean bean’s still alive!’ made it apparent he wasn’t going to survive. Why do i need someone to talk over the credits telling me what just happened. Who’s responding to whatever customer feedback/opinion stuff saying that they appreciate or enjoy that shit? i know Sean Bean dies in lot of things; having some Murdochian announcer specifically point it out to me seems utterly fucking pointless. Was it meant to be amusing or funny in some way? Is that where we’re at, where observing something is an acceptable substitute for humour? What fucking Mcintyrannic age are we living in?

I don’t get how people are okay with broadcast TV, it’s an utter clusterfuck. Stop accepting mediocrity that supports social imbalance you fucking goons.


bohemian rhapsody - what a fucking movie!


Love, Death & Robots.

Fucking ace!


Saw that on Netflix the other day and it looked interesting. Might have to watch then