What have you seen lately?

Aliens is our Sunday film of the week to watch as part of the documentary shizzle for the sci-fi doc I’ve Kicked :+1:


In Search of the Last Action Heroes is also a good watch. It’s produced by the guy who made the others.

Extraction (2020) Netflix. Based on graphic novel Ciudad. Crazy over the top shooty shooty, like John Wick meets a Call of Duty campaign, loved it.


Saw that on there last night and looked good from the trailer. Thx pip

Been watching Purge on Netflix. Got two episodes of season one left.

So far, so good…

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Is that the series of the films? The Purge? Or something different?

Yeah, I think it is. Haven’t seen the film.

There’s a few purge films. If its what I think it Is I started this on Amazon but never finished it. Was good what I watched though. Meaning to get round to completing it.

Need to finish the last few purge films

They’re dumb, but entertaining for the most part.

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Anyone watching DEVS on BBC2 at the moment… really good watch

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Giving DC Titan’s a blast. Close to finishing season one. A little in two minds over it all. Still enjoying it

I really liked it, be sure to watch Doom Patrol next :slight_smile:

Upload on Amazon anyone? Only 30 min episodes. Good fun.

Set in future where people can have their concious uploaded to a VR “heaven”. It is a comedy with a bit of an underlying who dunnit. Really enjoying it.

Not a big DC but really enjoyed Titan’s. Looking forward to season 3 whenever that maybe

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Been watching The Last Dance on Netflix. Absolutely wonderful doc. Brings back memories of a part of my life I’d forgotten, watching and playing basketball in the early nineties.

Thats about Jordan eh?

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It’s about the trinity of Jordan, Pippin and Rodman and spends time with the 3 of them, their childhood, early game, peak in late 80’s and then, the “Last Dance” - can they pull it off one last time before the manager, their knees, their egos, time etc breaks them apart…Chicago Bulls.

It’s a great look at leadership, teamplay, sportsmanship, brinkmanship, sports business, it’s great.


Something i still need to watch as love the team. Still got my Pippin shirt and shorts when i used to play loads :smiley:

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Season finale of The Rookie… I need season 3 right bloody meow!