What have you seen lately?


On a different note, didn’t end up watching Tag but decided to start rewatching The Last Ship while I was sorting tea which has got me digging up the book series ‘The Remaining’ to start again which will probably get me re-reading the ‘Surviving the Dead’ books as well because they are both awesome.


Watching ‘The Great British Menu’ and Grey’s Anatomy with Kate while we eat tea.

Watched a bit of actual TV as well which has got me wanting to catch up on Fear The Walking Dead after seeing a bunch of adverts but I know I’ll just get pissed off that it has ‘Lost syndrome’ and will only have 2/3 episodes worth of decent content per series, wasting the rest on ‘character development’ that is actually 90% boring padding.

Finding myself wondering what the next season of The Expanse will be like and where it will go since the storylines in the next book really felt a lot less action-y.


Apparently this is an unpopular opinion so I want to throw it out to ZiiP to see if its just me:

I thought Killmonger in Black Panther was a terrible villain that was acted way below the rest of the cast. The guy just wasn’t compelling or convincing as a bad guy to me.

Maybe it was because Serkis did such a good job as a villain and most of the rest of the cast were good but I just didn’t like the character or the way the actor played him.

With so many people praising both the character and the actor’s portrayal, it really has me wondering what I missed.


Really enjoying the content Netflix is bringing out.

Watched recently

TAU - Guy kidnaps girl, Guy has state of the art AI controlled house, Girl befriends And so on.

Extinction - Excellent movie, Alien invasion. Thoroughly enjoyed this.No spoilers though watch it.

Any one watch the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime? Wendell Pierce (The Wire) Makes a decent James Greer. Not sure on the guy playing Jack Ryan but fairly enjoyable cia romp.


Next on my list… Just finished “Safe” on Netflix. Great TV show that was!! Michael C Hall is brilliant… Can’t wait for more Harlan Coban Netflix shows, they’ve made a deal for 14 shows (English and Foreign) I then watched the latest season of Strike Back, I went in with low expectations due to a whole new cast and the fact I loved the last lot! I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it.

Currently watching Seal Team, which is equally brilliant.


Seal Team is great. Pretty upto date on that. Reminds me a bit of the Unit.

Strike Back - Hmm. I didnt gert passed the opening scene. The acting totally put me off. I loved the old cast as well. Maybe I should stick with it.


Watched Extinction the other night, top notch alien invasion film :wink:


Yeah I watched it a few weeks ago. Really good.


Yeah I get what you mean about Killmonger. I think the intent was to go for someone who was almost a Malcolm X to the MLK of Black Panther and they didn’t want him to be “cartoonish”, which is one reason they were happy for Serkis to steal the show in that fashion. Killmonger was meant to be a far more relatable viewpoint of how violence can come about when people feel neglected or disenfranchised, not a clear cut “evil baddie”. I think the performance missed something though, it’s too much like what he did in Creed for me. I get why there’s such a divide in opinions over it.


He came off as an angry teenager throwing a tantrum to me, the edge to his voice and movements just felt angsty and overdone.

I get your point about MLK or Malcom X and I think that might have worked but their anger was backed up by intelligence and a confidence that gave them presence - that didn’t carry with Killmonger.

Loved the film still but he really needed work for me.


I feel like MBJ was killmonger purely because ryan coogler was writing/directing and wasn’t particularly suited to the part. Mustafa Shakir (bushmaster in luke cage) would have been a better for me, the dude has a degree of intensity and can play sinister well. And he pulled it off from his introduction, so it’s not some character development thing he’s benefitted from over the course of the series.


watched Solo again, and some comment i read somewhere else on the internet came to mind:

It really does. right up until he isn’t immediately executed for insubordination/heresy.


Deadpool 2 - poor.
The assassins bodyguard - brill
Peaky Blinders - just do it. Excellent.
Now on The Shooter series - so far, so good.


Aww you really didn’t like it? I thought it was a good follow up!


The Meg.

Frak but it’s dumb, enjoyable but dumb :grinning:
The cast are actually the best part in it as the cgi for the shark… Is terrible.

Definitely worth a download with a few beers :+1:


first episode of the new season of The Last Ship!

spoiler free synopsis:
Everything is great; America! Fuck Yeah!
Oh no, catastrophe has befallen us!

with all the boat and helicopter and plane (not the worlds biggest spoiler, but made longer by this disclaimer/explanation) action Michael Bay’s production company can cram into a season premiere.


Awesome, I’ve been rewatching them recently so I’ll move straight on to the new ones after I’ve finished season 3 and 4!!!


I do miss Rhona Mitra in it.


Nopes - thought it was poor. bIt’s called Deadpool and others featured as much. TBH, it didn’t even capture my attention much - I engaged in a FB conversation whilst it was on… :frowning:

Anyone seen Bodyguard (the series) as I been recommended it a couple of times…?


That code for exchanging noods? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: