What have you seen lately?


I’m sure I have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about… SHOW BOBS AND VAGINE!1!!! SEND MONIES!11q!!! :grin:


The Predator (2018)… 2/5.

The premise was solid at the start, characters seemed reasonable, the effects were solid enough (especially with the ‘normal’ Predator, as it was all proper prosthetics). After half an hour, it all went downhill from there.

Dumb storyline, even for something like this and the ending scene was just woeful, genuinely terrible.

Save your money, download it. Yes, I am condoning an illegal download over paying for it.

Considering the projects that Shane Black has made before… he should hang his head in shame. This reeks of “too many cooks”…

I’m going to watch Predator tomorrow with whisky, just to try and erase the thoughts of that shite I just watched.


I’d say its a shame but I have no faith in this kind of project any more.

They need to leave these films to our nostalgia and do something else, they’re just shitting on all of my favourite things at this point.


It was on TV the other night…watched it. May just keep that film image in my head and not taint it with the new one then


Brilliant idea. 4K Predator and whisky for me.


I can’t decide if i’d prefer there to have only ever been the one predator film or not. It wasn’t crying out for a sequel, and ignoring the sequels that there have been, i don’t know what my ideal predator sequel would be. A full theatrical version of batman: dead end maybe?


My rankings for the predator films is now the following;

  1. Predator
  2. Predator 2
  3. Predators
  4. Alien vs Predator
  5. The Predator
  6. Alien vs Predator: Requiem


I’ve not even seen all of them. Alien vs predator was just so bad I can’t even express myself accurately enough on how bad it was.


But leagues better than Requiem.

I stand by my opinion that if they had made it properly violent, 18 Rating, then it would have been fucking ace.

I’ve rewatched it a few times and it’s always better than I remember.


Well that is always a problem these days… Please think of the children bullshit


It’s the only one out of the 6 that was PG.


i think that’s still a studio thing though, lower rated films make more money because they have a larger audience and much more marketability. It’s not a decision taken by anyone involved with the production of the film.

@NaloaC Do you feel the ‘unrated’ cut is any better? It’s not too much longer but there’re alternative scenes for some parts, but just additional blood in others. It does seem to be that was what the original cut was intended to be, and various parts have been removed to get the theatrical rating. I’m assuming it’s not ‘the film you wanted it to be’, but is it closer?


Well they did deadpool and that was not for kids still made loads of money.


And then Logan followed suit…

And now Venom is PG-13… Apparently at the edge of just before being “R Rated” but still… They have no balls it seems.


Just watched Jurassic world fallen kingdom. Not a bad watch. Just more of the same as the others.


Didn’t think it was good as the other one…but I did watch it very late at night and a bit sleepy


Watched season 1 of Designated Survivor followed by Jack Ryan, loved them both!


I know im late to this party but just watched the first episode of The Night Manager thats great stuff.

also impatiently waiting the last episode of The Bodyguard.


Absolutely loved that!!

Gonna binge the hell out of the Bodyguard now that the last one will be tonight :smiley:


Watched god’s of Egypt last night. Not a bad movie. Nice to see Gerrard Buttler play the bad guy for a change