What have you seen lately?


Yeah it’s not too bad a film Hammy. Watched it a few times now and still like it


Bodyguard… Wow… incredible TV!


finished the night manager that was great and im thinking of starting amazons Jack ryan


Just watched Solo. Loved it, so much fun!


Started watching the mist on Netflix…4 episodes in and not to bad


Watched Tomb Raider. Was just ok. Started Jack Ryan. It’s bloody good


Working through The Punisher (Netflix) - liking it! :slight_smile:
Also, Designated Survivor (interesting and captivating, not so “action-y”) and Homeland, which I’m finding a little dull, tbh.

What platform is Jack Ryan on, please?


Watched first episode of Maniac on Netflix. Will watch more.


Amazon prime though I am watching it on showbox


Watching The Good Place on Netflix. I’m enjoying it more than I expected, as I usually can’t stand Kristen Bell.


i hear good things about that same minds behind it as Brooklyn 99 and parks and rec i think


Finally got round to starting this @VirulentPip and yeah stuck with it. And actually really enjoying it. They havent messed with the formula too much. I like how the team in the field is a bit bigger than just the 2 guys. Still got a good few epiosdes to watch but yeah. Totally enjoying it more than I thought.


Saw the latest doctor who. Jodie Whittaker is fantastic. The pacing and writing is a serious improvement already. A really great opening for the new season - definitely recommended!


Just finished Jack Ryan. If you haven’t watched it yet, go and watch it. Bloody good show


Just starting Lucifer Season 3 and it is not disappointing :smiley:


Ah, I don’t think it’s out here yet :frowning: Belgian Netflix is always lagging behind.


Just binged the hell out of season 1 and onto season 2… Bloody good show that!


same tho i don’t lime most of the new companions also saw a bradley walsh joke on twitter that ruined the ending for me … in a good way


bradley walsh was my main concern but he plays the part well.


Don’t let anyone tell you anything different, First Man is an incredible piece of film making. See it in the cinema before it gets replaced by Fighting Robots or Wedding Hangover Wankers. I have to go back and see it again, this time in Imax. Extraordinary, gripping, deeply moving.