What have you seen lately?



Nowhere near as bad as what people were making it out to be. I actually quite enjoyed it.
The start is quite slow, but the internal dialogue between Brock and Venom is good and it was a solid popcorn flick.

Maybe the shit-show that was The Predator made it seem better than it was, but whatever :slight_smile:


As bad as expected?


Worse. Far far worse.

Word count.




Skyscraper. Man that was stupid as hell!! Fugging loved it :smiley:


Been watching the Newsroom Highly recommended if you were a fan of the West Wing. Apparently the series got cancelled as it pissed people off on the political side of things (its a bit too close to real events).


Mile 22 - Solid 6/10. Dumb Marky Mark film. Good actions scenes, don’t want to say anything about the story so that I don’t spoil it, some fuckin’ weird camera angles.

Hotel Artemis - 7/10. Can’t really explain it, but really enjoyed it. Very solid cast, good cinematography, great soundtrack. Bautista is great and I have a soft spot for Sofia Boutella. :blush:


Holy shit has anyone watched Disobedience?

A lad at work showed me a clip on the way home of a scene between Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams and it is actual porn.

14 year old me would have ripped his dick off seeing this after Enemy at the Gates.


Nope, but now I feel like I need to.


I had my playlist of over 13 hours of ZiiP R6 footage on random and found the clip where @Jester complains about not having any booze, @Angelclaws gives him the nickname ‘dick’, and it led me to send a bottle of brandy to ‘DickJester’. Good times.


I sort of miss that game and don’t miss it at the same time. Bit like pubg


@adrock - Ahhh happy days! :slight_smile:

R6 was best in its early days, with less choice, less people and more brandy.


i don’t miss it because it’s still installed and patched up to date. Once you dedicate an ssd to Tom Clancy you’ve got to remain committed to it.

I also caught my half of telling Scotty where that dude was lying behind the counter in the kitchen on Kafe, and the time @Angelclaws put the thermite on the wall, then instead of detonating it dropped a flashbang at our feet, apologised, waited while we recovered, then did it again.


I also still have it installed and patched. Have been tempted but I fear too much has changed


I was totally just thinking about how much I enjoyed R6 in the early days. I really do put it up there with some of my fav online gaming since MOH Breakthrough “rescue the prisonahs” . I still habe it installed but maybe need to patch. @adrock @Jester @Angelclaws @Hammy revisit?? Or will it destroy us?


3 was on Amazon with 2 extra episodes that were for Series 4.

Can’t wait for Series 4 on Netflix


would love to have, but wont be online gaming for a while :confused:


Started watching Condor… What feels like moments later and I’ve just finished episode 5 :joy: Recommended if you like CIA conspiracy/crime/drama.


Have just finished watching the 3 season of Narcos. I watched the first ages ago and only recently got round to finishing 2 and 3. Great show into the rise and fall of the columbian drug cartels the role of the DEA, CI, Local police and informants. It is subtitled but also has alot of english through it. For me watching subtitled shows can often distract me from what is happening on screen but they seem to have it sorted here so you can follow everything easily.

New season called Narcos Mexico starting this month on Netflix. Same again but exploring the Mexcian Drug Cartels this time. Cannae wait.


Bohemian Rhapsody, I maybe cried a bit and sung most songs along quietly to not disturb the Koreans. Was fantastic and will defintely join my Queen cd/dvd collection.