What have you seen lately?


+1 it would have been nice to see what the film would have been without Brian May’s apparent medling, but it was a good film.


Just watched first episode off this. All on Netflix now. Looking good.


Started watching American Vandal on Friday night. Pretty good, I’ll probably binge watch the rest this week after work.

Binged a bit of Alpha House but lost interest.

Started rewatching Battlestar Galactica.


Nice one. I did that recently too. Fracking love it man.


Mission Impossible: Fallout downloaded to Sky box, ready to re-watch tonite!


Started watching Homeland again. I forgot how much of a slow burner it is, but fuck the story is good and they certainly play the long game in terms of plot development. I’m 2/3 of the way through Season 3 at the moment and thankfully my biggest gripe (Carrie constantly fucking crying) isn’t much of an issue in this season.


Ah, that’s worth it then is it? I got part-way through season 1 and dropped out as it seemed to being going nowhere, slowly. I’ll have to give it another shot


The Incredibles 2. Good watch if you want to watch something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking.


Just finished mile 22, another good solid show.


^^Fucking this!


@Hammy, Mile 22 - good action, terrible story in parts. I quite like the bit where they cleared the safe of SSD drives… and on camera pulled out a Western Digital Blue HDD.


Just watched Eye in the Sky. Alan Rickman’s last film. Still can’t believe he’s gone.

Really good film, giving thought to the dilemma of collateral damage from a drone strike based on a moral, legal and military mindset.

Loosely based on the Trolley Problem - which you may have seen if you’ve watch The Good Place. Well, I first heard it there.

Can see why soldiers at all levels end up with PTSD, not just the infantry on the ground. Definitely worth a watch.


Eye in the Sky is a damn fine watch.


Fuck yes! Evangelion is coming to Netflix! :smiley:


Watched the equalizer 2 last night. Enjoyed it. Lots of good action scenes


Really been looking forward to that as well @hammy good ole Denzil.


He was brilliant in it.


New mission impossible. Again, another decent watch.


Finally watching Jack Ryan. Bingeing it now! Tis good. :smiley:


‘Kidding’ on Sky Atlantic is awesome. Got 1 episode left. Really… bizare.


Been watching Salvation on Netflix.

Really good and l;like it even more as there is more than 1 season :slight_smile: