What have you seen lately?


Yeah its quite good this show. I really enjoyed it all.


Well, bum. Lost the netflix account that I was piggy-backing on…

So, Amazon Prime recommendations, please. Just started Under teh Dome - not sure yet. Bit “obvious” story-lines so far and not much action type stuff.



On Prime:

Mr. Robot


On Prime.

Vikings! Raaar.
BlackSails! Yaaaar


I sooo need to watch them myself



I fucking love Critters.

Edit: Fun fact about Critters - Adolf Hitler is listed in the cast list as ‘Himself’. It’s archival footage, but it cracks me up that Hitler has a credit in an 80s horror comedy movie.


Split! Really, really enjoyed it. I’ll be more forthcoming at a time my blood isn’t mostly gin


I saw Aquaman.

Now, it is not a good movie. But I had a hell of a time, and it was pleasantly dumb and lighthearted guff.

I mean, there’s a line where an inception horn goes off and the bad guy just goes “NOW I AM…OCEANMASTER” DUN DUN DUN.

If that’s your game go for it, its a ton of fun.


Also saw Aquaman - mad silly fun. Best of the DC films so far, admittedly the story is all over the shop and character arcs are hard to find, but it’s actually a very pure “comic book” film. Loved the CGI and despite there being a ton of stuff going on up on the screen at times I had no trouble following who was fighting what and why.


Have I already said try Seals via Sky or Now TV? A bit through series 2. I be liking it plenty. Also, SWAT.


WTF is this Netflix looking bullshit and where the fuck is Ron?!


Actually think this looks good but there was some big thing as in why it’s a reboot


Yeah does look good but I agree…needs Ron playing big red


Started watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I’m enjoying it.


Glad you said it. I was looking at this and all the hype and wondered if I was looking at the same thing.
No Guillermo + no Ron - beautiful world creation = readjustment needed. :frowning:


We seem to be in the minority based on what I’ve seen in comments on other sites.

The budget looks lower, it looks like HB has two burger patties on his head, the humour is really off for me and the dark tones/feel to it when the trailer started that seemed promising vanished when they started trying to be funny.


Nail - hammer, hammer - nail.


Just watched Venom. Hell of a lot better than I though it was going to be.


Watched that this evening. Was a little bit dissapointed over the original and my anticipation over this movie, Still enjoyed it though.

I almost at one point thought that this movie, and the original, could almost serve as prequals to Man on Fire. Dont think the back story quite matches up but in my head, may as well.


Rewatching Band of Brothers again and its crazy that I’m still noticing actors that I didn’t notice before.

Last night I was watching the Bastogne and realised the supply truck driver that gives them ammo is Jimmy Fallon!

And I think in the same episode Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica fame pops up!

Other details as well like the details that change on/after every visit to the church like the slowly growing pile of green clad bodies, the further lack of civilians on each return visit, the condition of the men on the line after each visit grows worse - so many little things I’ve never noticed after who knows how many watches!