What have you seen lately?


@VirulentPip I heard this too, in favour of some spin offs shows. I still have loads to catch up on this.


Well, that one is raising all kinds of mental questions I never thought I’d ask myself.The quantity. The temperature. If it’s ice-cold is it pourable or will you need a spoon? We talking about some kinda sperm gazpacho here, or more of a carton of Ben & Jism?


It’s more like a parfait with std’s and scabs with the cold jizzum on the bottom


New Punisher season kicks off on January 18th :blush:

Oh fuck yes!


Just started watching band of brothers again as well @vredesbyrd.didnt even realise simon pegg was in it! Great show.


Started season 1 of Luther, ott but enjoyable.

Just watched a great Italian film called The Great Beauty - slightly art house but great film making and surprisingly moving.


Started watching the new Punisher season today and oh my god it did not disappoint. So tempted to binge that series right now


And that’s the Punisher officially cancelled… I still have to catch up on them… But I have no idea why they are all being cancelled, when Disney’s new streaming service won’t have mature content.




Any one else feel like TV has become the embodiment of this meme lately:




Watched the Defiant ones on Netflix.

Documentary about Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre’s history and eventual coming together and then making billions from Beats. Really fascinating documentray over a few episodes with interviews with them and people close to them, snoop Dogg, Eminem, Bono, Springstein, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, record execs and managers. Lots of raw footage from studio recordings. 5 Star well made and pieced together documentary.


I watched it in one sitting then watched it again the next day in another. Couple more times since then too.

Brilliant watch.


I hadnt heard of it. Friend who I was with at that gig on Friday mentioned it. So yeah, watched it all in one go on Sunday.

Watched that Fyre Festival doc after that as well. Theiving conning bastads.


Has it actually been cancelled?

I can’t see any news.


This is where I get all my Cancelled/Renewed Info… Get email newsletters.


Cheers mate. I was talking to a lad in work who follows it and he was adamant it wasn’t the case because he’d not seen anything.

I told him Pip knows better!


they’re just cancelling each one as they air the last season they had in production. I think jessica jones season 3 is all that’s left to release. Seems Netflix were paying Disney to license the IP and have no desire to fund or market a rival when Disney+ launches with their own Marvel shows.

No idea if Disney+ will launch over here mind, so their marvel shows could still end up on our netflix the way CBS screwed netflix in the US over Discovery (netflix only has the pilot episode that they produced, the rest is on CBS’ subscription streaming service) but it’s all still on netflix here because there’s no CBS.


Before the second season was released the guys who make it said they knew they weren’t going to be renewed and wanted to go out with a bang…


Binge watching Blindspot whilst ill in bed. Did start watching bulletproof, but seemed shit from the outset.


Haha, i love blindspot, it’s an entertaining mix of craziness and people who take their crazy shit REAL FUCKING SERIOUS. And then there’s the comic relief character who seems completely at odds with it all. It’s what happens when some executives try to come up with their networks answer to Blacklist. Main character with a bunch of information on criminal ne’er do wells who turns up out of the blue in the first episode? check. FBI ‘special task force/unit’ set to work with that person to take on weekly criminals with an underlying serialised plot involving a needlessly complex conspiracy? check. Somewhat empowered female lead who’s dependant on a more senior male FBI agent? check.Catchy, short name that starts with a B and ends with a T and is nine characters long? check. Plot that seems to wrap up each season and then has a tenuous link to start doing the whole thing again a year later? check. Female lead has parental issues? check.

It’s a natural evolution of Person of Interest, where a literal black-box machine spits out a macguffin each week for a team of people with just the right specialist skillsets to go and stop them doing bad things. With a little less quantum leap/minority report.

And it’s tenuously set in the same universe as stargate.