What have you seen lately?


@VirulentPip I heard this too, in favour of some spin offs shows. I still have loads to catch up on this.


Well, that one is raising all kinds of mental questions I never thought I’d ask myself.The quantity. The temperature. If it’s ice-cold is it pourable or will you need a spoon? We talking about some kinda sperm gazpacho here, or more of a carton of Ben & Jism?


It’s more like a parfait with std’s and scabs with the cold jizzum on the bottom


New Punisher season kicks off on January 18th :blush:

Oh fuck yes!


Just started watching band of brothers again as well @vredesbyrd.didnt even realise simon pegg was in it! Great show.


Started season 1 of Luther, ott but enjoyable.

Just watched a great Italian film called The Great Beauty - slightly art house but great film making and surprisingly moving.