What have you seen lately?


Just watched Get Out - great film, really loved it. Treads an amazing tightrope it the beginning which pays big dividends at the end. Great cast, great score, great film. I’m sure it really helped going in almost blind - I knew the basic premise and heard a lot of great things and that was it.


have some more Jordan Peele goodness :smiley:


Finally. Expanse season 3 is on amazon prime. Been waiting ages for this!


Oh you fucking boss! :smiley:

Wait… FUCK! I’ve seen Season 3! I got confused for a minute and thought it was the new season 4! :smiley:


Awww shit so did I…


They finished up filming this week, so Season 4 is out this year. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but coz they dragged their heels for so long about where the Season 3 would be shown I havent been able to watch it. Netflix, Now TV, Or Prime for me. Think I may have missed it on Scifi?? No sure, but anyway, I can now binge watch. Still loving it.


The final ever episode of The Last Ship… BOOOO!!


Venom… 7/10

But when it got to the end, I would have totally been happy with another hour :sweat_smile:


loved it really interesting couldn’t stop watching ( brian cranston need i say more)